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For 25 years, ICC has provided training in communication and leadership skills to multigenerational, multicultural teams around the world. Learn how your organization can benefit from our resources today.

Organizational Success Starts With Five Vital Skills

There’s overwhelming agreement in the research: there are five vital skills needed for organizational leaders to find success. In this keynote presentation for the Christian Leadership Alliance, Dr. Teresa Moon describes these five skills and how – when implemented into intergenerational teams – they are a game-changer.

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The Institute for Cultural Communicators’ multigeneration and multicultural teams travel globally to empower communities and teams like yours toward extraordinary leadership. You can host a gathering or workshop to empower leaders of all ages, students, parents, or educators to influence today’s culture for Christ.

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Teams and leaders from the Institute travel globally to provide excellent, empowering training opportunities. Join us at an upcoming event!

International Convention

July 2 – 7, 2022

Lipscomb University

Texas Ministry Conference

Texas Ministry Conference

Featuring “Together We Are Transformed” keynote by Dr. Teresa Moon

February 16, 2023

Houston, TX

Insights in Leadership

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What Story Will They Tell?

How one organization’s neglect of multigenerational collaboration shattered their reach and mission.

Dr. Teresa Moon

I’m Not Stressed

(Radio Interview with iWork4Him) How high-tech and high-touch mentoring environments can lead to real-world effectiveness.

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Shifting from Frustration to Momentum

(From the Christian Leadership Alliance) How getting intentional with multigenerational teams can renew and revitalize your organization.