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The Institute for Cultural Communicators trains and empowers thousands of educators, parents, and kids around the globe each year to help students get ready to speak. With our growing roster of seasoned speakers and interactive trainings, bring ICC to your community to equip teams and families to influence today’s culture for Christ.

Speaking Events, Consulting, and Training

Communicators for Christ

Communicators for Christ Conferences

Our Why

In a world where so many loud voices are competing for attention – for better or for worse – the Institute for Cultural Communicators equips students with the tools and training to communicate and lead as competent, character-driven people of influence. Graduates of our programs are able to connect with people and connect people to something bigger and more important than themselves.

Our Method

The curriculum provided at every ICC gathering is designed with YOU in mind. We provide you – parents and teachers – with transformational tools to continue coaching the students in your life. Your students will receive training to effectively communicate with confidence and compassion in every area of life. You will leave an ICC event with new skills, easy-to-use resources, and super simple next steps to begin a transforming journey as you coach the next generation to be ready to speak.

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Speaking Events, Consulting, And Training

Bring our extraordinary leaders to energize and inspire at your conference or organizational training!

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Featured Speakers:

Our extraordinary speakers have been inspiring and empowering families at conferences around the world for decades. Bring one of them to your convention or training to provide practical resources and irresistible mentoring for workers, parents, and educators.

Available Workshops:

From “Coaching with Success” to “The Secret to More Time and Energy,” our workshops are a hit with audiences big and small. Check out a sample list of available workshops to bring one to your convention or organizational training. We’re happy to collaborate on how to best meet the needs of your organization.

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Teen Track

In our Teen Track designed for conferences like yours, teens discover the art of communication through educational activities in a safe, interactive learning environment. These communicators enjoy engaging one other while gaining competence in character-driven experiences. Upon completion, participants will be able to:

  • Recognize the building blocks of communication that change the world
  • Explore 3 distinct genres of communication and ways to integrate them into school and work projects
  • Learn the key components of compelling storytelling and how to use them in daily conversation
  • Discover emotional intelligence principles to implement right now

Communicators For Christ Conferences

Our conferences bring multigenerational and multicultural teams to inspire and train students, parents, and educators to be Communicators for Christ. Bring your team to one of our online conferences during our upcoming tour!

At Communicators for Christ conferences, we bring parents and students together to know not just what they believe – but how to talk about their faith. With workshop tracks for educators and students of all ages, every attendee takes personalized, powerful steps on their journey toward competence, character, and connection.

When your group attends a CFC conference, they will:

  • Experience world-class training in communication, leadership, and coaching
  • Interact personally with a global team of influencers
  • Access the influential model transforming thousands of lives globally
  • Witness their students receiving peer mentoring from ordinary students who have become extraordinary leaders
  • Gain exclusive content only available at CFC conferences
  • Watch a program showcasing their students’ transformation from ordinary to extraordinary in just two days!
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