About Us

Serving families in over 20 countries globally, we’re helping coaches like you prepare the next generation for real influence.

Our Vision

To enlarge a global community empowering next generation Christians to influence today’s culture.

Our Mission

Helping students get ready to speak.

How We Do It



Award-winning speech curriculum designed for students of all ages.



Small local and online family groups or classrooms to put leadership training into practice.



World-class training events held around the globe for students, educators, and parents.

Global Reach

For 25 years, ICC has coached students, parents, and teachers to embrace the calling of becoming extraordinary leaders of the next generation. Now serving over 20 countries, we see student and adult leaders saying yes to the ICC journey to empower next generation Christians – not someday, but TOday.

Church or organization?

Speaker giving a workshop to seated audience

Do you lead or represent a company, ministry, or other organization? Invite one of our featured speakers or teams to come to you! Check out our most popular conferences and workshops we can bring your way.

Stories of Transformation





“The ICC community has helped me be with like-minded Christian families sharing the same vision to impact the culture around us, creating safe and encouraging environments for my kids to learn to be better communicators.”




“The skills ICC taught me are vital in our lives, and yet, many adults in our community that I’ve spoken to lack these skills. I see a need for these skills in the UK!”




“ICC helps students build the skills necessary for success: the fundamentals of communication, bringing a business plan to life, creating change, and more! The training is invaluable!”

Our Board Members

Dr. Teresa Moon

Dr. Teresa Moon

Founding President/CEO
Dr. Teresa Moon is ICC’s Founder, President, and CEO. Her mentees have spoken at the White House, Congress, the G8 Summit, the United Nations and around the world. After 30 years of training organizational leaders, teachers, parents, students, and youth workers in 16 countries and in every U.S. state, Dr. Moon is more committed than ever to equipping authentic leaders who engage and transform culture. Dr. Moon is a nationally recognized speaker, leadership consultant, author, communications coach, and President of Communicators Advantage Project (CAP) publishing and consulting company. Teresa enjoys thought-provoking books and movies, leisurely lunches and walks, bold coffees and ideas, and brainstorming culture and the future with intergenerational teams. Teresa and her husband David have two grown sons, Wendell and Devin, and call Tennessee home.
Lisa Kays

Lisa Kays

Vice President
Lisa Kays is passionate about equipping Christian communicators to influence culture. As a strategic advisor, Lisa has supported the ICC mission for decades, inspiring both students and coaches. Lisa’s experience as a documentarian and leader help guide the next generation in problem-solving and collaborating with excellence and integrity. Lisa Kays has served as the Vice President of ICC’s Board of Directors since the Institute was founded.
Dr. Stacey Campbell

Dr. Stacey Campbell

Professor, Consultant, Writer, Entrepreneur, ICC Board Member

From television production to art ministry, film festivals to community theatre, Dr. Stacey Campbell has a passion for the power of story and empowering others to find the best version of themselves designed by the greatest Creator. With his doctorate in Strategic Leadership and ten years experience as an Executive Pastor, Dr. Campbell uses his professional experience and mission of restorative grace to help launch and lead nonprofits and organizations to increase their impact globally. Dr. Campbell lives with his wife, three kids, and two sign-language-literate dogs.

Dr. John McLean

Physician, Entrepreneur, and ICC Board Member

Dr. John McLean sees a better future — he’s a visionary and an entrepreneur. His latest project is the building and running of a new kind of hospital: the neighborhood hospital.  All of his six children received years of ICC training, and he’s convinced that his two grandchildren, who participate in an ICC chapter currently, will be prepared for their futures because of it. Southeast Asia is special to him; three of his  children are of from this area, and he has done years of work with a Philippine orphanage. He believes in the benefit of the ICC training and has frequently backed that up with donations to make it possible for students to experience the transformation of the ICC community.

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