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Our families and classrooms connect in small, intentional communities hosted in local areas or online. Parents, educators, and students gather regularly to empower one another through communication and leadership training using ICC’s rich supply of resources and curriculum!

Learning Communities

Family groups and classrooms implementing ICC’s award-winning curriculum to give students a safe environment to grow in their speaking skills


Small local and online communities of like-minded families to practice leadership competences to prepare students for real influence

Student leadership

Real-world mentoring experiences designed for students to gain practical skills for life and leadership

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Your family can become a part of the ICC community and get connected with families like yours. Unlock exclusive resources for all student age groups and be surrounded with the life-giving community that it takes to ready the next generation of Christians for influence.

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The Institute for Cultural Communicators is committed to providing safe and secure
environments to promote the communication and leadership development of children and youth and to preventing any mistreatment of minors, including physical, emotional, or sexual behavior.

Guidelines are established for volunteers and staff working with children or youth in our quest to provide safe and healthy environments. These environments include digital and physical spaces. We believe the key to conducting safe programs lies in the quality of leadership. This extends to recruiting, vetting, training, and supporting all leaders in these roles.

Everyone in ICC’s global community who works with children is reminded of the instruction recorded in Matthew 18:1-10. Jesus is very clear that no one should harm children and issues a stern warning for anyone who does. 

Whether you are a member of this community, pursuing community membership, or registered for a live event, more information about our guidelines – including our Child Safety Policy – is available to you. 

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