We go together because we’re better together.

We are pleased to offer both Family Chapters and School Chapters!

What is an ICC family chapter?

An ICC family chapter is a group of invested and committed families meeting weekly to equip their students to be ready to speak and to share their voices. These small, intergenerational community groups provide peer-coaching, real-world practice, and real-time feedback using ICC’s communication training and resources—tools that for over 25 years have empowered thousands in the next generation to become confident, character-driven communicators!

Through the chapter experience, adults are also provided tools and mentoring to help them become the best coaches they can be to their students and to those in their chapter. 


What happens at a weekly chapter meeting?

Each week, chapter families gather together, either in person or online, to practice the skills they are learning. These meetings provide accountability and community for creating and delivering presentations and in giving and receiving feedback for improvement. Student-led, engaging activities make the learning energetic and fun.

The experienced students who lead these meetings grow their own speaking and leadership skills, being mentored by the certified Chapter Sponsor. At home, students will work on their presentations and activities in preparation for the next chapter meeting.

How it works

This chapter year begins June 16, 2024 and ends June 15, 2025. Individual chapter meeting dates and times will vary.

When we’ve helped you find the chapter that’s the best fit for your family, the Chapter Sponsor of that group will walk you through enrolling your students.

Start by talking with the Chapter Sponsor. If you don’t know the sponsor, you can always email us at peoplecare@iccinc.org.  You can find us often on Live Chat, also!  

These are the times where we open “windows” so new members can join during the 2024–2025 chapter year.

  • April 17–May 1
  • May 24–June 5
  • August 7–21
  • September 25–November 13
  • January 22–29 

ICC chapter membership comes in the form of monthly subscriptions. 

  • Fees are small and spread over the year.
  • No need to renew each year.
  • Stop your membership any time.
  • See pricing below.

Students 11 and older will work through a Young Speakers Guild portfolio at home and in chapter. New students begin with the first level. This portfolio is included in your enrollment package.

Yes, the additional students, after the initial payment, are only $8 per month for younger students and $28 per month for older students.

new member packages


Young Communicators for Christ (YCC)
$87 Initial payment
$11/month thereafter

Package includes:
1 YCC Student Enrollment
1 Adult Enrollment 
Coaching with Success course


Young Speakers Guild (YSG)
$117 Initial payment
$35/month thereafter

Package includes:
1 YSG Student Enrollment
1 YSG Portfolio
Communicators for Christ Conference
1 ICCFS Tournament
1 Adult Enrollment 
Coaching with Success course
1 Adult Communicators for Christ registration

member packages: Monthly subscription option


Young Communicators for Christ (YCC)

$60 usd

Package includes:
$50 New Family Enrollment Fee
$10/month 1 YCC Student
$25 Adult Enrollment

$85 value


Young Speakers Guild (YSG)

$105 usd

Package includes:
$50 New Family Enrollment Fee
$15/month 1 YSG Student
$25 Adult Enrollment 
$40 1 YSG 1 portfolio

$130 value

Member terms & agreements

Check out what it means to be a member of ICC:

Email Lisa McLean at peoplecare@iccinc.org if you’d like information about starting a school chapter!