Member Terms & Agreements

What does it mean to be a member of the Institute for Cultural Communicators?

In ICC, we value you as a part of the global life-giving community that helps us carry out our mission of empowering next generation Christians to influence today’s culture. To make sure we can all work together toward this common goal, we ask all of our members to respect and embody the following:



OUR VISION: To enlarge a global community empowering next generation Christians to influence today’s culture.

OUR MISSION: To help ordinary students become extraordinary leaders.


  • Intentional Innovation
  • Irresistible Mentoring
  • Courageous Peacemaking
  • Genuine Cultural Communication
  • Life-giving Community
  • Vibrant Transformation



While we recognize that leadership and communication training is beneficial for everyone, there are a few distinctives that set our organization apart. In order to help us act as a community, united in mind, spirit, and purpose (Phil 2:2), we hold to a creed, a statement of the essential beliefs that we hold in common.

This creed is not the sum total of everything each of us believes or practices. It does, however, delineate key features that bond us together as we work for united goals.

ICC representatives subscribe to the Nicene Creed, a statement of faith embraced by all stripes of Christ-followers: Protestants, Roman Catholics, and Eastern Orthodox believers. The Creed was written in 325 AD, which is before the Roman Catholic Church was formed and before the ancient writings of Scripture were canonized into the Bible as we know it today. We have selected the most common English translation of the Creed.

ICC is not a church. We are an organization of Christ followers joined by a common mission. We recognize that any words chosen to describe our faith have the potential to be both inclusive and exclusive. Our goal in selecting the Nicene Creed is to include fellow Christ followers.


We equip every ICC member to provide safe environments for our students.


ICC is underwriting the cost of the Child Safety Training for every member, which means there will be no cost to members this year.

The training consists of a 30-minute video and a short quiz. Members will be informed and empowered to keep our students safe.


Background checks are required for all adults who attend chapter meetings and work with chapter students in the U.S.

Background checks from other organizations will not suffice for our purposes.


  1. Members agree to keep usernames or passwords to themselves.
  2. Members agree not to reproduce, duplicate, copy, sell, resell, or exploit for any commercial purposes any portion of the content available through the Membership.
  3. Members agree to inform ICC of changes to credit cards for subscriptions or payment plans.
  4. Members also agree to bear responsibility to inform ICC of any of the following changes in your credit card or debit account: change in home or billing address or other contact information; change in security code; apparent breach of security of your username or password.
  1. Members agree to waive and forfeit all benefits of membership upon termination of Membership, irrespective the amount of membership paid.
  2. Members agree to the Cancellation Policy:

    With a written request for cancellation sent to

    • Up to 72 hours, 100% of Family Fee and membership fees are refundable
    • Up to 30 days, 90% of all fees are refundable.
    • After 30 day, there is no refund on New Family fee or membership fees.
  3. Members who purchase membership subscriptions agree to bear responsibility for canceling before the next billing date in order to avoid a charge for the following month-long period.

ICC reserves the right to refuse Membership or to cancel Membership at any time for any reason.