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For over 25 years, ICC has been providing transformational training experience to teams, families, organizations, churches, and educational groups around the globe. Get a sneak peek at some of our most popular workshops below — or request a custom one!

Equipping Teams for Transformation

Vital Signs for Teams

No matter what industry you work in, five essential skills stand out among the rest as crucial to success for your team, organization, or company. Employers are increasingly thirsty for them, universities find that graduates that have them thrive. From educational groups to underground Christian churches, teams that intentionally develop these skills begin to experience true flourishing.

Vital Signs Book

Coaching with Success

You may not think of yourself as a public speaker, but you are coaching children and students to communicate every time you say something in public. Whether they have the gift of gab or appear painfully shy, today’s children must learn to communicate their ideas and their faith. And YOU are the first and best coach they have! Experience the complete guide to coaching for success and explore tools for successfully coaching young communicators.

Coaching With Success Course

Followership for Leaders

Leadership begins with followership. The people following us are following whoever we are following. So let’s dig in. Who are you following? Who’s following you? This workshop will guide your team into an engaging study of followership theory, which helps us to better influence the direction of our organizations – and to care for our followers really well.


Coaching Online

Unlock proven ways to connect and coach online! For over a decade, our leaders have been intentional about integrating the top online communication tools for teaching, mentoring, and meeting online. We have developed some proven strategies for creating energizing learning environments, engaging coaching sessions, and inspiring meetings. We’ve also learned a lot about addressing and overcoming “zoom fatigue.” Believe it or not, it’s possible. We’ll share what we’ve been learning with you so you can give your zoom time some Vroom!

Man Speaking to Group on Video Call

The Emotionally Intelligent Team

EQ. It’s more than a buzz word. The research tells us emotional intelligence makes all the difference. In this deep-dive workshop, explore what it is to be emotionally intelligent, why it matters personally and professionally, and how it positions your team to stand out from the crowd. 

The Culturally Intelligent Team

The best teams are culturally diverse, bringing a variety of perspectives and insights to the table. However, they need cultural intelligence (CQ) to thrive. Understanding the foundations of how we can develop CQ as a community will empower multigenerational teams, multiethnic teams, teams of diverse worldviews, and teams with a variety of strengths (such as engineers and marketers) to work effectively and to foster belonging.

Round Table: A Model for Collaboration and Consensus-Building

Give your team the tools to collaborate and problem-solve with the highest efficiency! ICC’s Round Table model is a step-by-step experience that not only allows teams to grow in consensus-building, but also strengthens each of those five vital skills (see above!) along the way. In this interactive group workshop, you’ll discover why thoughtful collaboration is transformative for teams — and find you can apply this invaluable tool in just about any community you’re a part of.


Want to be a leader? Lead yourself first.

Leading yourself requires you to truly know yourself. A Harvard University study recently found the single most important indicator of successful leadership was self-awareness. This was found to be true no matter the generation, industry, or culture. The better we know ourselves, the better we can lead ourselves. Only then are we ready to lead others.

Competent, character-driven communicators

We have written the formula for outstanding communication. Literally. Here we share the steps to developing the kind of communication that connects. If you have a message you care about sharing, this may be just what you need to communicate it well.

Man and woman high-fiving in a meeting

Empowering the Next Generation

Vital Signs

Five Essential Skills Every Student Needs for Success in Education and in Life

The research is clear. There are five essential skills needed for success in education and in the workplace. These five C’s appear in university studies, marketplace research, and missions training. They are being integrated across all kinds of educational programs, from prep schools to underground Christian co-ops in cultures hostile to Christianity. Learn how to check your students’ “vital signs” and prepare real students for the real world.

Vital Signs Book

Leadership 4:12

Education alone is not preparing our kids for the real world. The challenges facing today’s parents can be overwhelming. The challenges our children face are frightening – in the world and in the church. And Christians are not immune. But we have hope – and time-tested tools! There’s much to learn from Paul’s mentoring relationship with young Timothy. Explore simple steps to solve complex issues following Paul’s first century instructions in his letters to Timothy for raising exemplary young leaders.


The Secret to More Time and Energy

We have really important goals! We want our children to grow into their God-given potential. We also want them to be prepared for family, community, faith, vocation, and life. It’s a BIG job. And we often feel like we are failing….somewhere. How can we do the very best – the most important things for our children? And do them all well? Together we’ll discover reliable tools, tips, resources…hope.

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Mentoring for Maturity

Imparting knowledge is simple. Study the material. Take the test. But does it produce the maturity you desire? Are you satisfied to educate your children to test well? Most of us want more than that. Well-selected mentors are the key. Mentoring grows maturity from the schoolroom to the boardroom. You can find the mentors your students need. If raising a mature Christian means more to you than transcripts and test scores, let’s talk.

Public Speaking: the Most Feared Activity

Based on Teresa M. Moon’s award-winning curriculum Beginning Public Speaking

Research tells us people are more afraid of speaking in public than of dying. When at a funeral, most people would rather be in the casket than giving the eulogy. The real influencers for Christ’s kingdom are those who can articulate their ideas winsomely and well. Our kids have important ideas to share and significant contributions to make. You can coach them to become communicators for Christ everywhere, always!
BPS Course

Communicating for Christ in Culture

Everyone who identifies as a Christian represents Christ. The question is, how will we do that well? We’ll explore some common misunderstandings and new approaches to Christian communication. How do we present opposing views while working toward unity? Is it possible to collaborate when we disagree? Discover techniques for practicing respectful, intentional disagreement as an essential part of collaborative experiences.

Communicators for Christ

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