Peace In Pandemic

Our team of global leaders wants peace for you and for your family during this time of pandemic. 

Even in a crisis like this, God makes His peace that passes all understanding available to us – and we want to share resources for you to not only empower yourselves to survive this time, but to thrive in the God’s presence.

Dr. John McLean

Dr. John McLean is a physician, hospital owner, and a member of the ICC Board of Directors. As a healthcare worker, he had some very special encouragement to share with ICC leaders last week, and I wanted to share it with you, too. Check out his video devotional below.

Positivity is the most contagious thing out there right now. We were given not a spirit of fear, but of power and love and a sound mind!” – Dr. McLean

Mary Gunther

Mary Gunther

Mary Gunther understands what it means to operate in a rapidly changing environment. And she likes it that way! A graduate in the 2nd class of women from the US Naval Academy and mother to nine children, Mary Gunther has been involved in equipping leaders for over 35 years. Responsible for the development of the Institute for Cultural Communicators’ global adult leadership programs, Mary holds a certificate in Art Integration across Curriculum from the Kennedy Center as well as a certificate in Christian Nonprofit Leadership from Christian Leadership Alliance. She currently serves as ICC’s Chief Influence Officer. Mary lives in Annapolis, MD with her husband and a rapidly changing at any time number of children.

“Courage is knowing you are indestructible until God’s purposes for you are complete.” – Mary Gunther

Dr. Teresa Moon

Flooded with Fear; Faith for the Future

Founder and CEO of an organization that used her house – the victim of Tennessee’s 500-year flood – to host dozens of student leaders at a time, Teresa Moon could safely determine that her drowning property represented one of her “worst days.” But then, like now, the struggle revealed that even at our lowest points, God is continually building extraordinary opportunities for us. Check out Dr. Teresa Moon’s blog as a word of hope and encouragement to find your faith for the future today.

“In a time full of obstacles, we are rich with divine opportunities.” – Dr. Teresa Moon

Dr. Teresa Moon

How Should Christians Behave During a Pandemic?

Though it’s been a century since the world has experienced a pandemic on the scale of COVID-19, Christian behavior during this time is not without precedent. During the bubonic plague, Martin Luther gave an answer on how he would respond that is highly applicable today.

“The world will remember how Christians responded during this time.” – Dr. Teresa Moon

Too Blessed To Be Stressed

“Think back with me to last April. It was a very different time, wasn’t it? I wrote this blog post amid the hustle and bustle of my normal, non-pandemic life when it seemed like I had no time to rest at all. Today, maybe you find that you’re busier than ever and are facing new stressors in your daily life. Or maybe the limits of the pandemic have created an opportunity to build those habits of rest. Whichever category you fall into – and maybe it’s both – I pray this story helps to encourage you right where you are.” – Dr. Teresa Moon

Eunice Au

Eunice Au

ICC Academy Director Eunice Au and her husband moved to Singapore in 2018 to advocate for every people group in East Asia, encouraging and equipping the body of Christ to serve God’s purposes there. This year, as COVID-19 moved into Singapore during the extensive Chinese New Year celebrations, Eunice found herself in a living example of King Solomon’s poetry in Ecclesiastes, where joy and celebration stood beside fear and anxiety in physical contrast. Read her journaled observations and encouragement here.

“How is it that caution and celebration can live side by side?” – Eunice Au

Cassandra Shepherd

Cassandra Shepherd

Cassandra Shepherd’s family experienced more interruption than most when the pandemic effects swept over their current home of Singapore. Caught in the middle of a trans-continental move and separated by lockdown and an ocean from her husband for over a month, ICC’s Director of International Relations found herself desperately seeking the heart of God amidst uncertainty and grief.

“As I began to focus on these eternal truths…. nothing changed. But everything changed! – Cassandra Shepherd

Madeline Rambo

Madeline was prepared and excited to share her favorite story at a local library – when the pandemic stopped all plans in their tracks. Not about to let a quarantine stall her personal growth, Madeline took a creative and adventurous opportunity – and the result was extraordinary.

“One small action of reaching out brought connection and hope.” – Madeline

Helping Your Kids Find Peace In Pandemic

Woman washing hands with small boy

For Children:

It’s hard for our children to process the pandemic experience. This resource from the Trauma Healing Institute and the American Bible Society uses trauma healing practices through stories and activities for families during COVID-19.

Quaranteened Video Series

For Teenagers:

Dr. Teresa Moon created the video series QuaranTEENed to support parents of teenagers dealing with the emotional and relational effects of the pandemic. Check it out here!

Managing Your Mental Health Infographic

Watch the QuaranTEENed Video Series!

Quaranteened Video Series

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