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Vital Signs

Five Essential Skills Every Student Needs for Success in Education and in Life

The research is clear. There are five essential skills needed for success in education and in the workplace. These five C’s appear in university studies, marketplace research, and missions training. They are being integrated across educational programs in prep schools, home schools, and underground Christian co-ops in cultures hostile to Christianity. Learn how to integrate them into your own home education as you prepare real students for the real world.

Vital Signs Book

Evaluating for Excellence

Based on Teresa M. Moon’s popular homeschool guide, Evaluating for Excellence

How do you know they know what they know? You ALWAYS need to know exactly what your student knows. Discover simple resources to guide your students from where they ARE in any subject, to where you want them to BE. Practical tools tested in thousands of homeschooling families over 35 years help you diagnose, project, guide and evaluate every aspect of your student’s education from Bible to biology as they grow in competence and character.
Evaluating for Excellence Book

Public Speaking: the Most Feared Activity

Based on Teresa M. Moon’s award-winning homeschool curriculum Beginning Public Speaking
Research tells us people are more afraid of speaking in public than of dying. When at a funeral, most people would rather be in the casket than giving the eulogy. The real influencers for Christ’s kingdom are those who can articulate their ideas winsomely and well. Our kids have important ideas to share and significant contributions to make. You can coach them to become communicators for Christ everywhere, always!
BPS Course

From Ordinary Student to Extraordinary Leader

What if the quietest, most ordinary student at your homeschool table is actually called to highest levels of leadership? How will you provide him or her practice and experience leading and influencing other students – and adults? We know from the story of David – the child you least suspect may be called to be a mighty leader. Discover ordinary steps toward extraordinary leadership, and learn seamless and easy coaching tips for busy homeschool moms – and dads.
where ordinary becomes extraordinary

Coaching with Success

You may not think of yourself as a public speaker, but you are coaching your children to communicate every time you venture into public. Whether they have the gift of gab or appear painfully shy, our children must learn to communicate their ideas, and their faith. And YOU are the first and best coach they have! Experience the complete guide to coaching for success. Then explore tools for successfully coaching your young communicators.
Coaching With Success Course

The Secret to More Time and Energy for Moms

We have really important goals! We want our children to grow into their God-given potential. We also want them to be prepared for family, community, faith, vocation, and life. It’s a BIG job. And we often feel like we are failing….somewhere. How can we moms do the very best – the most important things for our children? And do them all well? Together we’ll discover reliable tools, tips, resources…hope.

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Leadership 4:12

Education alone is not preparing our kids for the real world. The challenges facing today’s parents can be overwhelming. The challenges our children face are frightening – in the world and in the church. And homeschoolers are not immune. But we have hope – and time-tested tools! There’s much to learn from Paul’s mentoring relationship with young Timothy. Explore simple steps to solve complex issues following Paul’s first century instructions for raising exemplary young leaders.

Mentoring for Maturity

Imparting knowledge is simple. Study the material. Take the test. But does it produce the maturity you desire? Are you satisfied to educate your children to test well? Most of us want more than that. Well-selected mentors are the key. Mentoring grows maturity from the schoolroom to the boardroom. You can find the mentors your child needs. If raising a mature Christian means more to you than transcripts and test scores, let’s talk.

Confronting the Tech-Touch Challenge

We live in an increasingly high tech world, yet we need high touch experiences to live and grow as humans. The pull of technology is unavoidable and frightening. The best tools for education and evangelism hold great potential – both for learning and for losing reality. It is possible to bring these worlds together; and dangerous when we don’t. Our children’s future depends in large part on their capacity for integrating these worlds well.

Homeschooling: Trending Toward the Future

You’ve already taken the first most important step in preparing your students for the future. You’ve decided to customize their education. Brilliant! Mass education knows it’s a good idea – but cannot do it. You can! And custom education is the future. Discover steps you can take now to prepare your students for optimal success in education, in faith, and in life! Learn how the latest research supports your decision to guide your own children’s education.
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Teen Track

Dr. Moon, ICC Interns, and Student Leaders will facilitate the teen program “Communicate for a Change.”

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