February Sabbatical

The Institute’s Global and Area Leaders will be on
a month-long Sabbatical during February.

Why Sabbatical?

The spiritual practice of rest and renewal is key to personal and missional growth. We were created to do our best work out of a God-ordained rest. We seek to nurture and steward both our strategic volunteers and this global mission well.

We are guiding our senior leadership teams to carve out time to consider rhythms that can replenish body, mind, and soul. Often it is when we think we don’t have the time that we are most in need of retreat. Our leaders are retreating this month in order to return refreshed, refueled, and ready to serve you and this mission with excellence.

Taking a February Sabbatical is one of the ways we are encouraging our strategic volunteer leaders to serve out of rest and renewal. If you are fighting the same old battles in the same old ways, or if you are finding yourself too tender or too numb to really pay attention to and appreciate what is going on around you, all is not well.

We invite you to join us in this opportunity with like-minded community for a time to rest. If this is a new concept for you, look over the resources provided here. Whether or not you find yourself entering a season of retreat, will you pray for our volunteers and leaders?

Thank you for your interest and investment in this transformational work.

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We aren't rest-filled people who OCCASIONALLY become restless; we ARE restless people who sometimes find rest.

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How Does This Impact You?

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Here are some resources we can recommend for your consideration of a personal Sabbatical.