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5 Essential Skills Every Student Needs for Success in Education and in Life
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The research is in. There are 5 vital skills that stand out above the rest as vital for success in education and in life. They aren’t what you might expect. The good news is that it’s not too late for you to start integrating them into your home or classroom.

Dr. Teresa Moon has been training students and adults in these skills for more than 3 decades in over 25 countries. In Vital Signs, you’ll get the research, inspiring real-life stories, and activities you can use to start training these skills at home.

Free Readiness Assessment

Do you parent or work with middle- and high-school students? Then the ICC Readiness Assessment was designed for you!

This free tool helps you determine how your student’s development is progressing in each of the five vital skills and provides a report for insight on how to best move forward with them. Created by experts in the vital skills who have coached and taught thousands of students in these competencies, it’s the perfect complement to Vital Signs for parents and teachers.

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