ICCFS Tournaments

ICCFS provides opportunities for training members to become character-driven communicators and leaders with excellent analytical and speaking skills. This is accomplished by creating safe environments to practice real-world skills and receive additional coaching before taking presentations into the community.

Join us as a Community Evaluator!

We are looking for community volunteers to watch presentations and give written feedback to our students as they hone their leadership and communication skills. In just two to three hours during a tournament, you can evaluate speeches and our Round Table event for students ages 11-18.

Your help enables students to cultivate critical thinking, public speaking, and interpersonal skills, such as

  • analyzing the needs and perspective of audiences
  • defending ideas with grace and respect
  • organizing and presenting ideas logically
  • presenting information accurately and creatively
  • using literature to communicate a message
  • improving interview skills
  • actively listening to others
  • building consensus
  • practicing a Problem Solving model
  • and much more!

No previous experience is necessary! Your life experiences and unique perspective is all you need. We do provide a brief orientation during each scheduled time block to show you how to complete feedback forms.

Would you invest in these leaders of tomorrow with the gift of your time by providing helpful comments?