Cultivating peace in pandemic in your home

No one is quite experiencing the emotional and relational effects of this pandemic like our teenagers. They are experiencing real loss and grief, and it can often be a challenge to foster positive communication to process it. In this video series, we'll discover opportunities together to bring the best versions of ourselves - and our teens - to the forefront of our home life.

Part 1 - Are You Quaranteened?

Part 2 - What Story is Your Teen Telling?

Part 3 - Is Your Teen Mentally Safe?

Part 4 - How Can You Reverse the "Woe Is Me" Mindset?

Part 5 - Should You Just Wait for Your Teen to Mature?

Part 6 - How Can You Fight the Boredom Bug?


Dr. Teresa M. Moon

ICC President/CEO

Dr. Teresa Moon has worked with tens of thousands of teenagers across ten countries, empowering them to influence today's culture by pursuing responsibility with excellence. She is the founder and CEO of the Institute for Cultural Communicators (ICC), which helps ordinary students become extraordinary leaders through communication and leadership training. Teresa and her husband David call Tennessee home, where they regularly open their home as the ICC Training Center for dozens of teens at a time.

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