Experience the extraordinary, life-giving transformation that happens when like-minded people gather together to grow together at


January 14 - 18, 2021

Spring City, TN

The IGNITE 4-Day Leadership Retreat kicks off the new year welcoming students and parents alike into an empowering environment as together we prepare to influence culture in the year to come.

Registration is closed. Please contact your Area Coordinator for more information.


Our labs and activities will challenge you and our unique, fun-filled special events are memory-makers for everyone who attends!

What's Included

  • Lodging in cabins with adult chaperones
  • Meals (Thursday dinner- Monday breakfast)
  • Saturday Night Themed Party
  • T-shirt


An intimate gathering for caring leaders, IGNITE 2021 is designed for conversation. It will focus our learning and conversations around topics that build unity amid division in your community today. Leave refreshed and encouraged with clarity and confidence to empower the next generation while caring for your most essential needs. Our in-depth conversational approach means you will have a voice in the discussion. Enjoy the scenic venue for retreat, rest, renewal, refueling, reigniting your relationships with God, with others, and with self.

What's Included

  • Lodging in cabins with students
  • Meals (Thursday dinner- Monday breakfast)
  • Saturday Night Themed Party

“We aren’t rest-filled people who OCCASIONALLY become restless; we ARE restless people who sometimes find rest.”

- Henri Nouwen

Real Rest. Really?

Discovering the Reality of Rest with Dr. Teresa Moon

Laughter. The sound emanated from the mobile phone speaker, filling my office. This was the eighth phone conversation and the eighth response of incredulous laughter. Though I hadn’t expected it, I knew I had earned this response to my proposal.

I was proposing an organization-wide Rest and Renewal study. I called strategic team-leaders in my organization to pitch the project and to enlist their support. My objective: to complete the required research for my last doctoral course on the assigned topic, “Rest and Renewal,” and, of course, for my team to experience renewal in the process.