Experience the extraordinary, life-giving transformation that happens when like-minded people gather together to grow together at

IGNITE Winter Advance

January 16 - 20, 2020

Spring City, TN

The IGNITE 4-Day Leadership Advance kicks off the new year welcoming students and parents alike into an empowering environment as together we prepare to influence culture in the year to come.
Come to IGNITE
IGNITE is open to anyone interested in growing in communication and leadership. Members of ICC - and those who are not yet members - may join the refreshing community at this extraordinary training event!
Labs and activities will challenge both student and adult leaders - and our unique, fun-filled special events are memory-makers for everyone who attends!

IGNITE Special Events

At our Ladies Luncheon at IGNITE 2020 we will experience Irresistible Mentoring as we gather for a Garden Party.
A gardener’s success is determined by creating the perfect environment for their plants to grow. They have to know the conditions for each plant that will allow them to flourish. Mentoring works the same way. Mentors need to focus on the needs of the one mentored and to walk beside them, encouraging and supporting them to grow.
Now is the time to put on that garden garb and flaunt those flower prints! Hats and gloves optional.
It takes the help of an experienced guide to reach the next peak. During our Men's Muncheon Mountain Adventure we'll experience challenges and fun, framed in the mountain experience of taking on the next summit.
Bring your hiking attire, ropes, or carabiners. We'll start at base camp and consider with the help of irresistible mentoring-guides what we can scale together.

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