We’ve successfully launched Online Tournaments!

Institute for Cultural Communicators Forensic Society

ICCFS Mission Statement:

Provide real-world training and state-of-the-art practice experiences to develop the vital communication and leadership skills our students need to become extraordinary leaders who influence today’s culture.

What People Are Saying

"The highlight for me was observing the Speech-Story Adaptation. l was blown away by the standard and abilities of these talented teenagers. I was captivated by their outstanding works, their abilities to creatively modernise a literally work, retelling it in our Singaporean context...and most of all, delivering a relevant message for a contemporary audience in the limited time given. They were all so brilliant!"
- Community Evaluator in Singapore

"This is the perfect solution in this season.”
- participant's dad

“Wow! I’m amazed at the real-world skills our kids have been learning. I had no idea!”
- participant's dad

"Our Student Leaders really know how to be present on a digital screen!"
- ICC adult leader

We love Community Evaluators!

We are in season 1.0 of our Online Tournaments. In future versions we will resume our invitation to the community to join us.

Stay tuned for future invitations to evaluate!