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After taking on the vision of reaching 20 countries by the end of 2020, ICC saw extraordinary transformation and growth that allows us to better serve everyone from Tennessee to Thailand with our resources and training.

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For over 20 years, ICC has coached students, parents, and teachers to understand and embrace their calling to become extraordinary leaders of the next generation. In 2017, our hearts were aligned toward a vision to extend the influence of ICC's communication and leadership training to 20 countries by the end of 2020.

We've seen parents, teachers, and leaders like you say yes to making their communities a part of this vision. As they have come alongside us, ICC has been developing leaders, and growing influence to empower next generation Christians to impact culture - not someday but TOday.

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Our vision is to enlarge a global community empowering next generation Christians to influence today's culture. See more about who ICC is with our new brochure.

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Cassandra Shepherd
Director, International Relations

Who Is ICC?

Preparing today’s youth for tomorrow can be complicated and confusing. We get it.

We help dedicated parents and teachers guide ordinary students to become extraordinary leaders right now for the real world.

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"I'm currently studying in a polytechnic, and it's my first year. I've had to use lots of the things I've learned from ICC, specifically ----working in groups, impromptu speeches, and computer-assisted presentations. I find myself feeling comfortable with doing all these presentations, which helps since these presentations are graded."

-Deborah, 17, Singapore

"ICC has been a big part of my life for almost 9 years now. I have met many amazing people, many of whom are now the best friends I have ever had. ICC has also equipped me to be confident and able to communicate my ideas to others, as well as be able to lead others when necessary. ICC has also given me the greatest story to share, the story of Jesus. These skills and abilities are vital in our lives, and yet, many adults in our community that I've spoken to lack these skills. Many of them have shunned public speaking due to a humiliating experience related to public speaking in their youth.

I see a need for these skills here in the UK and even in Europe. The children in our chapter are enthusiastic, and every single one of them is ready to learn during chapter meetings. They participate wholeheartedly in activities and games. It would be a loss for everyone involved if these warm, cheerful personalities grew up to shun public communication due to phobia. I want to equip the next generation of Christians to be competent, character driven, communicators, just like ICC has equipped me to be."

- Nehemiah Y, 15, UK

"I was very reluctant to join ICC because I'm introverted in nature. The very thought of public-speaking makes me hyperventilate. But now, having gone through countless of heart-pounding, clammy-hands episodes, I have learned how to better express and communicate my thoughts and ideas. I wouldn't say I'm no longer afraid to speak in front of a group, but I'm certainly more open to the idea. With practice, I hope to be an inspiration to others like myself."

- Kristen, 16, Malaysia

"BPS has helped my daughter gain confidence in sharing her thoughts and ideas to people around her. It has also strengthened her resolve to share the Gospel to other children. Since Lesson 2, she has freely conversed with people she has just met and has started to overcome her shyness and fear of talking in front of a group of people through the speech assignments. She has learned to organize ideas in her mind and able to express her thoughts clearly. Her social skills and self-esteem are growing and she is constantly applying what she learns in the classes to everyday life. We are grateful for BPS and the teachers who facilitate the sessions!"

-Rhea L, Parent, Manila, Philippines

"It had been our privilege that ICC Express was introduced to FBC Education Center through the 4:12 Conference in 2017. There had been a life transformation in our staff, parents and most of all our students. After following through the very interesting and fun lessons for the last seven months, I would say that we had an astounding success. We could see that the children were very much bonded together in their relationships through working together, sharing ideas and laughing so much. As a staff, I remembered that every lesson was so comical. Students made many foolish yet honest mistakes in gestures, choices of words, and poise. We all laughed together and yet felt safe and comfortable through the learning process. Our parents were so proud to see how their children have grown through the ICC exposure. Many were encouraged and surprised as they saw a "different child" in their own children. One said, "I didn't realize that my daughter could speak so boldly and confidently. At home she is so quiet." All in all, we just want to give glory to God as we watch our students’ lives in the process of being transformed by being able to articulate their inner thoughts through the ICC program. We are looking forward to continuing with what's next."

- Khor Lee Lin, Administrator/Principal of Covenant Christian Centre, Malaysia

"My son is an introvert with a stage fright. We already knew it as early as a year old. Hence, you can only imagine how terrified he was about public speaking! Over the past weeks under the ICC program, we have seen him overcome his fears.

From speaking softly, crying, and not finishing to finishing but still speaking softly and crying after the speech to just recently, finishing and speaking loudly but still with tears---all of these are big milestones for our introvert boy! Soon, as he gets more comfortable on the stage, we know we won't be seeing any tears at all. :)

The ICC public speaking program has been a big help for him because he enjoys the prep videos and he gets encouraged with the speeches of his friends. We are very grateful that we are using this program in our homeschool coop!

- Ivy, Parent, Manila, Philippines

"I have learned not to blabber on stage. I have learned how much to say and not to go on and on about the same topic. I have learned moderation and control in my speech.”

- Emmanuel S, 17, Malaysia