Generous friends, passionate about providing transformational resources to students and schools around the globe, are offering up to a $20,000 donation MATCH for gifts given on #GivingTuesday.

Plan ahead now to submit your gift on November 27th!



1 student - first semester course



2 students - first semester course


4 students - first semester course

8 students - first semester course


in Malaysia, Indonesia, or the Philippines

Giving Tuesday
Provides training for 50 students

Provides training for 50 students, 2 semesters

What is #GivingTuesday?

#GivingTuesday is a day of global giving when organizations come together with true-hearted donors like you to create a powerful force for good around the globe. ICC is taking part through our #GivingTuesday initiative to reach more students globally than ever before and help them change their cultures for Christ.

It’s not enough to know what you believe. Everyday students who were raised in Christian homes and churches are walking away from their faith.

They are believing that people who know how to communicate their own ideas must be right. This doesn’t have to happen.

We help today’s students communicate their beliefs. We empower them to communicate and lead for Christ in very dark environments.

ICC provides teacher training and curriculum to help students in every grade learn to communicate and lead for Christ in anti-Christian cultures.

Sponsor a student

  • $35 1 student gets access to first semester course
  • $70 2 students
  • $140 4 students
  • $280 8 students

Sponsor a school in Malaysia, Indonesia, or the Philippines

Resources stretch even further in Learning Centre and school environments in these countries.
These teachers and students are hungry for our help! 

  • $500 provides training for 50 students
  • $1000 provides training for 50 students, 2 semesters

Groups and schools in many parts of the world have ASKED for our help, desiring the curriculum and tutoring for essential life skills that we can provide.

Building the curriculum one family needs and delivering it around the globe can cost as much as a month’s wages. As it is, the people and cultures that need this the most cannot afford the cost of production.

Your gift makes it possible to take our culture-changing training into anti-Christian environments and spread the gospel and the curriculum to families at low costs they can afford.

In the many different countries we’ve visited this year, we have met parents and coaches who are actively seeking our training. They are standing at the doors waiting for us - and we don’t want to miss the chance to help them walk through the doors to transform their culture.

We’ve worked for several years on building global relationships - the real work begins now. Your support NOW allows us to walk through these doors while we have access. We need your help to show others how they can communicate and lead for Christ in anti-Christian communities.

AND - on November 27th, all gifts will be DOUBLED by generous friends! Your impact goes TWICE as far!

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