Generous friends, passionate about providing transformational resources to students and schools around the globe, are offering up to a $20,000 donation MATCH for gifts given through December.

Give through our Facebook fundraiser on December 1st to have it matched AGAIN!

See how your gift can spread hope around the globe below!


On December 1st, share your #ReachLikeRaudy story!

How to Participate

  • Use this template to draft your #ReachLikeRaudy story
  • Post a video telling your #ReachLikeRaudy story on Facebook or Instagram on December 1st
  • Make sure to use the hashtag #ReachLikeRaudy on your post!
  • Generous supportors will donate $20 to ICC for every story shared
  • Our major sponsor will match that donation for $40!
  • Any donation you also make may be tripled on Dec. 1 for maximum impact!

#ReachLikeRaudy FAQs

Watch this video. It explains everything!

Of course you can post to both! But it only needs to be on one to count.
Our donors have pledged to give $20 for every story shared with the #ReachLikeRaudy hashtag on December 1st, which is GivingTuesday. Please plan now to post your video any time on that day!
We know the power of video media. However, if you cannot or prefer not to make a video of your story, go ahead and post a picture with your story in the caption. Just make sure to use the #ReachLikeRaudy hashtag!

Use this template to draft your story, then practice it with family and friends. Make a video telling your story (checking for good audio) and post on December 1st!

Of course! We welcome all parents, students, and alumni who have attended any ICC event or been a part of any ICC training to participate.
It can be any length for the challenge, but we recommend it be around 1-2 minutes.
Post your story (raises $40!) and make a donation of any size that can be tripled on December 1st!

Check out a few #ReachLikeRaudy Stories below to inspire and encourage you!


Give 20
Give $20

Get 1 new student started with speech
MATCHED for a $40 impact!


Give 75
Give $75

Provide 1 teacher with curriculum to coach a group
MATCHED for a $150 impact!


Give 100
Give $100

Sponsor 1 Country Connector to attend our Volunteer Leadership Training
MATCHED for a $200 impact!


Give 450
Give $450

Get a Student Leader to PREP, the most transformational step in a young Student Leader’s journey
MATCHED for a $900 impact!


Give 1000
Give $1000

Provides a year’s worth of curriculum for one school (50 students)
MATCHED for a $2000 impact!


Giving Tues
Give A Custom Amount

Supports the 20x2020 mission where most needed
MATCHED for double the impact!


FAQs on Giving with ICC!

In every country around the globe, students are questioning their faith because they don’t know how to communicate what they believe. Others who can lead and communicate are drawing them away from their churches and ideas.

This doesn’t have to happen. ICC’s training has empowered students to communicate and lead for Christ in their own communities, and our influence is expanding. With your help, we will reach students in 20 countries by the end of 2020 and help them become extraordinary leaders in their cultures.

Gifts of any amount can make an impact on countries that need ICC’s training!  Our categories above outline some specific needs we have in making our 20x2020 vision a reality.  

We believe that by meeting our total goal of $40K, we will be able to provide curriculum to 20 total countries in the next year and begin taking steps on integrating them into our global community.

Your gift now can make twice the impact!  Generous donors who believe in our mission and vision have pledged to double all gifts through December 3 (up to $20K). Your partnership with us goes TWICE as far! 

ICC provides teacher training and curriculum to help students in every grade learn to communicate and lead for Christ. We are raising up delegates in 20 countries to identify needs and opportunities for ICC’s training to make an impact on culture. We do this through curriculum groups, igniting local chapters, and bringing our IMPACT teams on world tours to empower and encourage families.

Groups and schools around the world have ASKED for our help, desiring the curriculum and tutoring for essential communication and leadership skills that we can provide.

Our global leadership team has caught the God-given vision of expanding ICC’s training into 20 countries by the end of 2020.  Your gift makes it possible for families around the world to impact their culture for Christ.


Donations made to these categories are not eligible for the matching gift program
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Giving Tues
$20 Recurring Donation - Matched During December

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