Frame It Up Media Intensive

Enjoy exploring our FIU Media Intensive from 2020.

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Frame It Up is Now Global! Real Time. Online.

In 2014, Frame It Up was launched as a response to a very important need: people don’t know how to create with other people. The need wasn't creativity, the need was creative collaboration. Working on a creative team is a challenge but when the team rallies together behind a creative vision there is almost nothing that can keep that vision from becoming a reality.

As we move into the future, more and more opportunities will happen in online digital environments. The time for preparing for this is now. The time for you to get prepared is right now.

Whether your career is in finance or film, engineering or editing, demolition or directing, civil engineering or cinematography, the competencies gained from learning how to create digital content on a team will provide you with the essential leadership competencies needed to be successful in the mission-field and in the marketplace.

Along with the all-new global Frame It Up 1.0 and 2.0 this May, we are also offering two free webinars in April so you can learn more about this exciting experience. 

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"Frame It Up showed me that I can do so much more than I used to think was possible. Frame It Up gave me tools to work creatively with a team that I use every day."
Caleb Burdett | Frame It Up Alum

Frame It Up Webinar Series

ICC’s premier media intensive, Frame It Up has officially gone global. With that expansion comes more exciting technological opportunities. Frame It Up 2020 experience will be connecting folks live and in real-time this coming May. Hosted by Frame It Up Executive Producer, Wendell Moon, Frame It Up staff members Paul Burdett and Abi Shepherd will be leading this 2-part webinar, exploring the great media opportunity we have in our world today and how Frame It Up is responding to that need.

Part 1

Creating In Quarantine: Innovation with Limitation

Webinar will focus on the need we have in our world to create intentional and hopeful media

April 8, 7pm - 8pm EDT

Part 2

Frame It Up 2020: A Brand New Experience

Webinar will focus on the exciting features of the all-new digital FIU experience

April 9, 9am - 10am EDT

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Exceptional Training from First-Class Guest Presenters

All Frame It Up (FIU) participants will get focused learning from media experts from around the world! These award-winning creatives will be joining you live, giving you expert advice, feedback, and best media practices that will set you up for success.


Creative Collaboration with Remote Teams

Become a part of a cohort of creatives from around the globe as you get to dream up and execute a variety of storytelling projects in real time - navigating time zones, cultures and government Stay-Home-Notices. (We can’t think of a way we’d rather spend our quarantine than innovating alongside you!)


Frame It Up Tool Boxes (that’s right, treats!)

All FIU participants will receive a package with everything needed to create the FIU experience from the comfort of your own home. And yes, we’re even including hand-sanitizer and… yes… toilet paper! (insert the hallelujah chorus)


A Unique Look at the Filmmaking World

Really and truly, you will get to experience a side of real-world media production that no other Frame It Up participant has experienced before. You will get to create high quality productions using the same digital technology that film-industry professionals are taking advantage of today.


Growing Your Media Portfolio

All FIU participants will walk away from this event with a media portfolio containing an individual film, two group films, and more! Use your portfolio as a tool to further your filmmaking and creative journey, both in media applications, and with other creatives.


Readiness For Your Future

Creative Startups, Fortune 500 Businesses, and Missions-Based Organizations are actively searching for confident individuals that can lead teams virtually. Your FIU experience will provide you with an additional layer of understanding as you will be learning in real-time how to work alongside a global team.


Focused Mentoring with Media Mentors

Joining us we have experienced FIU alum returning to provide individualised mentoring for you every step of the way.


Become a Dynamic Storyteller

Through the Creative Process and the media you create, you’ll grow your competencies as a story-writer and a story-teller. You’ll learn what makes a good story, and how to share it digitally through just the resources you have in your possession.


More Limitations, More Innovation

By learning to work with what you have (a present reality on any film set), you’ll be prepared to continue creating media, even if you don’t have access to professional filmmaking equipment. This experience will serve you well - developing those core competencies most desired by today’s employers.


Opportunity to Change the Cultural Narrative

Our world is filled with fear and panic. The times are hard and challenging. We have the great opportunity to combat this fear with intentional creativity that will not only bring life to the creators but bring hope to those that watch these creations. It is our desire to bring hope to our world through this experience.

Frequently Asked Questions

Check out some of the past film projects!

Frame It Up 1.0 & 2.0 Staff - May 2020

Wendell Moon

Frame It Up Executive Producer

Wendell Moon has traveled over half a million miles designing experiences that have inspired next-generation Jesus followers to be agents of influence. An award-winning filmmaker and storyteller, Wendell has produced commercials, promotional videos, and documentaries around the world. One of his favorite projects was a Telenovela in Brazil (even though he doesn’t speak Portuguese). Intentional about designing experiences, Wendell created Frame It Up - an experience that brings Christian filmmakers and high school students together around the art of visual storytelling.


Paul Burdett

Frame It Up Director

Paul Burdett, an ICC alum, has worked with ICC’s media division for over five years. He served on the first ever ICC National Student Leader Media Team in 2016 and the following year’s Global Student Leader Media Team, as well as multiple Media PREP shifts. While he currently attends Lipscomb University in Nashville earning his BS in Mechanical Engineering, he still has a passion for film, and often returns to staff ICC media (including last year’s FIU 1.0 and 2.0, as well as IGNITE 2019 and IGNITE 2020.) Paul believes everyone has a story to tell, and he loves helping others find their inner storyteller through the art of media.

Elise Normand

Frame It Up Production Assistant

Elise Normand is an ICC alum, and spent two consecutive years on the Global Student Leader Media Team. During her time as an ICC student she attended multiple media prep events and Frame it Up in 2016. She is currently studying at the CreatEd Institute in North Carolina, and she plans on becoming a Graphic Designer. Elise is passionate about helping students find their voice, and is beyond excited to staff Frame it Up.

Abi Shepherd

Frame It Up Production Assistant

Abi Shepherd began her media journey at the Summer Institute Media PREP program 3 years ago. She served as the Overall Point Person of the Global Student Leader Media Team in 2018-19. She also produced media for last year’s Communicators for Christ international conference tour and IGNITE winter advance. She is currently serving ICC in media production as an alum. Since attending the 2017 Frame It Up East Asia she has been looking forward to this opportunity to create the Frame It Up experience for you!

Frame It Up 2.0 Guest Coaches - May 2020

List subject to change and additions

Brent McCorkle


Brent's feature film directorial debut was the biographical drama "Unconditional", for which he wrote, directed, edited and co-composed the score. He was also an editor and composer on Universal Pictures sports drama "Woodlawn". Brent's latest film project is Lionsgate's biographical drama "I Can Only Imagine", for which he co-wrote, co-edited, composed the score, and was 2nd unit director. Brent's recent narrative work has garnered favorable mentions in publications such as Variety, The Hollywood Reporter and MovieMaker.

Read More on IMDB

Adam Justice Hardy


Assistant to Executive Producer, The Gifted (FOX)

Read More on IMDB

Nichole Lim

Makeup Artist/Wardrobe

Strategy and Pursuit, A Week Away, All light Will End.

Jason Painter


Jason Painter's work has been showcased at the prestigious Cannes film festival in France and broadcasted on the Super Bowl. His clients include Toyota, Nike, Burger King and O'Charley's.

Caleb Burdett

Editor/Frame It Up Alum
Frame It Up was the event that launched Caleb's interest in video production six years ago. Now, he is days away from graduating with a BFA in Cinematic Arts Production. In his summers and spare time, Caleb has spent time on sets, in studios, and producing content in Minneapolis, Nashville, Los Angeles, and internationally.

Linia Marie Hardy

Production Designer/Producer

Linia Marie Hardy is known for The Way Back, The Fosters, For All Mankind, and award winning short films Privacy, Drop It, and A Pointless Pencil.

Read More on IMDB

Will Acuff

Entrepreneur / Speaker / Photographer

As the Executive Director of Corner to Corner Will is involved in a little bit of everything. From shaping mission/vision, to co-leading various programs, and being an all around encourager. Will’s goal is to make sure everyone has what they need to succeed. He is a graduate of North Carolina State University and has his Masters from Reformed Theological Seminary. Will enjoys photography, the camera helps him to be more present with friends and family.

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Frame It Up participants will experience:

- Work in the rapidly developing world of remote media production
- Learn about media from Gutenberg to Google: a history of media and its impact on the spread of Christianity
- Explore the extraordinary power of outstanding story-telling
- Create excellent stories worth telling with writer / director Adam Hardy
- Practice visual storytelling utilizing state-of-the-art media technology
- Collaborate digitally with peers on a media production team to create a short film
- Step into one or more filmmaking roles in real time: Producer, Director, 1st Assistant Director, Cinematographer, Writer, Editor
- Apply sound and lighting techniques to optimize your message
- Discover new, collaborative, digital approaches to visual storytelling using readily available devices
- Experience the benefits of intercultural teamwork and collaboration, including: innovation, increased capacity, and an improved product
- Receive customized coaching from professionals in the media industry
- Get familiar with professional media editing tools
- Develop a personal media portfolio
- Celebrate! At the Wrap Party near the end of each intensive!


More info coming soon!

Brand new collaborative digital environment! Access from your own home with a laptop and internet connection

High school and college students (minimum age 15) - no previous media experience is required
Limited space - sold out last year!

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