Be the example.

4:12 - where ordinary students are becoming EXTRAordinary leaders

A program of the Institute for Cultural Communicators

Each one of our students will need communication skills to be successful in life and equipped to share their faith. They may not ever speak on a big stage with a microphone, but they will communicate everywhere they go. The skills needed to communicate well don't just happen. They need to be developed.

The Institute for Cultural Communicators can help. Come learn from Dr. Teresa Moon and ICC’s intergenerational, international team of experienced coaches how we help ordinary students become extraordinary communicators and leaders.

The first step toward EXTRAordinary leadership is SPEECH. Paul called Timothy to set an example, beginning with speech. And we coach today's students to exemplary speech - and leadership.

Join us on the path to EXTRAordinary!

"Don't let anyone look down on you because you are young, but set an example for the believers in
speech, in conduct, in love, in faith and in purity." (1 Timothy 4:12)

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“The stakes are high for the next generation. ICC improves the odds.”
-Dr. James Stobaugh, Founder, For Such a Time as This Ministries

Need some help getting your own student ready for the real world?

We understand the challenges facing today's parents and educators and we're here to help. That's why we launched 4:12. Please give a listen to Dr. Teresa Moon (President/CEO) as she gives you an overview of this transformational program coming to your area.

What do parents and educators learn at 4:12?

Interested in bringing this training to your learning centre or school?




Gain confidence and conviction as seasoned coaches instruct, encourage, and challenge, you and your students.


Take home tools to keep growing competence and character in speech, conduct, love, faith, and purity.


Learn new skills in a safe, wholesome community of like-minded parents and students;
Jesus-followers discovering together how to execute our mandate to "set an example."


Join a growing global community that is empowering next generation Christians to become people of influence in today's culture.

How does 4:12 Work?

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Highlights from 4:12 Malaysia 2017


ICC has worked with over 100,000 Christian Families around the globe. Tens of thousands of youth and their parents have been empowered for influence at home, school, and life.

Here are some of their stories of transformation.

4:12 is an ICC program created out of 150+ years of our team's experience empowering nextgen Jesus-followers.

“I still draw on my ICC experiences in interactions with peers and professors, and in approaching leadership and mentoring in my professional life.”
-Matt Pitchford, ICC Alum/Professor, University of IL/Ph.D Student


27 - 28 September

Katong Presbyterian Church
42 Joo Chiat Lane Singapore 428102

5 - 6 October

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
First Baptist Church, Subang Jaya
38, Jalan SS 17/1d, Ss 17, 47500 Subang Jaya, Selangor, Malaysia


From Ordinary Student to EXTRAordinary Leader
with Dr. Teresa Moon

What if the quietest, most ordinary student is actually called to highest levels of leadership? How will you provide him or her practice and experience leading and influencing other students - and adults? We know from the story of David - the student you least suspect may be called to be a mighty leader. Discover ordinary steps toward extraordinary leadership. And learn seamless and easy coaching tips for busy parents/teachers.   

Hire Me! - The 5 Soft Skills Employers Are Looking For
with Dr. John McLean

Employers are noticing a gap in the workforce: young workers may be okay in the hard skills but are lacking in the skills businesses need most, the “soft skills.” What are these soft skills and how does ICC equip students to meet the needs of not only the marketplace but also the home and the church.

Vision Matters
with Cassandra Shepherd

Vision is life giving and brings clarity and purpose to all we do. Discover why vision matters and take steps to identify your vision for yourself and your family.

Leadership Begins with Followership
with Lisa McLean

Followership is a competency. Gain confidence and grow in your competence as a parent, employee, owner, teacher, coach, or mentor in any role, be it in your family, your business, your church. What does it take to be an excellent follower? How can your following well make a difference in the Kingdom of God?

Mentoring Is Messy
with Lisa McLean

Do you have a student or employee who needs a course correction? Are you having trouble motivating him or her, maybe some actual conflict? Here are some principles that help to reframe the struggle and offer hope, as well as some strategies that help to move your people forward.

Developing a Personal Vision Statement
with An Normand

What is your personal vision and how does what you do align with it? In this workshop we will help you develop a compelling personal vision statement which reflects who you are, where you are going, and will guide you on your journey.

“ICC has challenged me to become not only someone who communicates well, but to care about people.”
-Amanda Foreman, ICC Alum/Director, Life Work Leadership Program

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