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The ICC Academy offers various courses and certifications that improve communication and leadership skills. We provide educational resources for all types of intergenerational and leadership teams.

Courses are offered throughout the year to students, parents, coaches, educators and business professionals — In fact, anyone interested.

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Online Curriculum with Lesson Plans

Registration open thru May 18. Reopens on June 1.

ICC now delivers online communications and speaking curriculum designed for groups:
  • For students ages 6 - 10 or non-native English speakers, choose the 8-lesson video-based Beginning Public Speaking. No online access needed for students.
  • For students ages 11 - 14 or for a simple 4-week experience, select A Reason to Speak. This course works best when students have online access.
  • For students ages 14+ (high school), choose the 20-lesson Express. This course requires online access for students.  

Beginning Public Speaking

A super simple, user friendly, no experience needed, easy to follow program for introducing and building public speaking skills for the Christian student (and teacher).  Eight weekly video lessons with  instructors Kori and Maxwell take speakers on a journey in beginning public speaking.

Designed for students ages 6 - 10 and those who don't speak English as their first language

Course Length & Duration: 8 weekly sessions, 50 minutes each

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A Reason to Speak

Launching Your Journey Toward Confidence and Conviction: Teens have ideas, but sometimes they don’t know how to talk about these passions with others. This engaging course introduces students to valuable public speaking skills and why these skills matter. Students will practice applying these essential skills immediately as they develop confidence and character while finding their Reason to Speak.

Designed for classrooms with students ages 11 - 13 years

Course length & duration: 4 lessons (45-minute sessions)

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Launching Your Journey Toward Confidence and Conviction: Teens have ideas, but sometimes they don’t know how to talk about these passions with others. EXPRESS is an easy-to-use, faith-based online curriculum designed to teach basic communication skills to high school students. Students will develop their own voices and learn how the way they communicate in everyday life has the potential to transform and serve those around them.

Designed for classrooms with students ages 14+ or who have already completed A Reason to Speak

Course Length & Duration: 20 lessons (50-minute sessions)

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Online Courses with ICC Instructors

Opens May 4 for Trimester 2.

Online Basics

Online Basics mentors in netiquette, digital citizenship, online collaboration, social media use (Instagram and Facebook) with a purpose, and email as a tool to both inform and facilitate community. Includes: creation of a simple podcast; collaboration via Google docs, Facebook, Instagram, flame wars and trolling; copying others on emails; and the value of drafting emails.

Designed for adults and students at least 12 years old.

Course Length & Duration: Four 45-minute facilitated video-conferences. 20 hours work over 4 weeks.

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Online Intermediate

Designed for those who have completed Online Basics. Participants create a simple creative media project (blogpost or image-rich poster), a simple instructional video, and an e-portfolio to showcase completed projects and lessons learned.

You must have completed Online Basics prior to beginning this course. Students planning on serving on ASLT/GSLT/GSLMT or as Prospective Interns are required to complete this course.

Course Length & Duration: Asynchronous - will be completed independently. 40 hours work over four weeks

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Peacemaking Introduction

ICC’s Peacemaking Introduction is designed to offer you some amazing revelations that will help you understand how conflict and chaos are actually part of God’s plan to help us grow and learn. Most of us want to fight or run the other way - but neither is particularly healthy. During this peacemaking introduction, we will reveal the secret the world seems to misunderstand — conflict is actually an opportunity to glorify God, strengthen relationships, and grow in self-awareness.

Designed for students ages 14+ and adults.

Course Length & Duration: 8 - 10 hours asynchronous work over 4 weeks.

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Peacemaking I

We live in a broken world inundated by conflict in both our personal interactions, at work and school, and in society. We can learn when to overlook and forgive, but we waste valuable energy trying to create a world without conflict. Instead, we can learn that when it is possible, as far as it depends on us- to live at peace with everyone, even when we disagree. Romans 12:18: "If it is possible, as far as it depends on you, live at peace with everyone."

Must have completed Peacemaking Introduction AND meet the age requirements below: Adults and Students age 18+ OR Guild Inductees age 16+. Strongly recommended for adults and student leaders.

Course Length & Duration: 60 hours of work, includes meetings

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Instructor Training

17-year-old ICC Guild Inductee or 18+ years.

Course Length & Duration: Four weeks of immersive training. Blended Learning: asynchronous and live sessions.

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Coaching With Success

Trends in today’s education impact our students. We must and we can prepare our students for success. That means using a successful and timeless approach used by Christians for 2000+ years and has been used by ICC for over 20 years with thousands of students.

Designed for adults.

Course Length & Duration: A self-paced, 8-video series designed for busy adults.

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Vision Led Volunteer

You've enrolled in the ICC community. What does ICC believe? Why does it exist? What problem does it solve? These are questions that help you to make sure that this is a vision and mission you can confidently align yourself with, investing your talents, time, and treasure. You'll be inspired and equipped for any arena in which you minister. A portion of this course is exclusive to the volunteer role of Chapter Sponsor, providing specific help and instructions for them.

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