Coaching With Success

A self-paced, 8-video series designed for parents and educators

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Our Buy One Get One allows you to learn with a friend. Purchase one registration and tell us the name of your friend. We’ll send access info to them and you can start your journey together! Offer ends midnight January 31, 2024 US CT.

First Step: Coaching with Success

Trends in today’s education impact our students. We must and we can prepare our students for success. That means using a successful and timeless approach used by Christians for 2000+ years and has been used by ICC for over 20 years with thousands of students.

Supplying parents and educators with excellent resources to succeed in coaching well is what we’re here for, and we believe we’re better together. Grabbing a friend to do this self-paced, 8-video e-course alongside you will help you complete, retain, and apply the timeless and successful concepts in your home or classroom.

Designed for

A self-paced, 8-video series designed for busy adults. Self-assessments after each video reinforce the key concepts of each lesson.

Course Materials

Eight short videos (ten minutes or less), followed by self-assessments.


Adults have access to this course for several months after purchase, so you can revisit favorite concepts repeatedly!

Academy Orientation

Includes Academy Orientation to gain familiarity with ICC’s online learning environment

Course support is via email only.

This course is completely self-paced. No instructor.


Contact if you have questions.

Week 1: This overview articulates a timeless and effective method to coach students for success. A big picture overview of upcoming lessons helps cast a vision for where we are going and how we plan to get there.

Week 2: See how purpose is linked to vision. What vision do we have for ourselves and our students. Is it a compelling one?

Week 3: Discover an effective strategy to prepare our students.

Week 4: To coach with success, we need to actually coach speakers. Presenting what is being learned shows us what is actually understood.

Week 5: Taking time to evaluate how you and your student are progressing is key to have the new skills and competencies stick.

Week 6: Respond to the efforts of a student so that the student will continue to value your coaching isn’t automatic. This lesson shares the keys to keep your student coming back for more of YOUR feedback!

Week 7: Without recording your advances so far, you are likely to overlook significant growth!

Week 8: What should you do next with your new understanding of this technique of coaching with success? This final video guides you in ways to continue your growth as a coach.

About the Instructor

Mary Gunther understands what it means to operate in a rapidly changing environment. One of the second class of women ever to graduate from the United States Naval Academy and the mother of nine, she has been involved in leadership education for the past 25+years. After attending her first ICC conference in 2005, she then brought ICC conferences to Maryland and started the first ICC Chapter there.

Mary’s interests are varied and diverse: from graphic design, organizational health, latest tech trends, and visual storytelling. Along with her experience and training in leadership development, Mary holds a certificate in Art Integration across Curriculum from the Kennedy Center in Washington D.C. as well as a certificate in Christian Nonprofit Leadership from Christian Leadership Alliance. She assumed her role as Chief Influence Officer for ICC in June 2017. Mary lives in Annapolis, MD with her husband and a rapidly changing number of children at any given time.

Mary Gunther
Coaching With Success Course

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