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ICC’s Summer Institute has undergone an ICC-style INTENTIONAL INNOVATION! Experience PREP like never before with ALL-NEW themes, experiences, and programs. Make plans now to join us for the BEST SUMMER EVER at ICC's Summer Institute, held at our Tennessee Training Center. Programs are offered in both PREP and Media PREP. Space is limited. Make your reservations today.
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Training Details

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Shift 2: Know Yourself

July 21-July 28

Starting your leadership journey well we will explore what it means to be a genuine cultural communicator for Christ. In order to be an effective leader, you first must know yourself. We will be exploring our temperaments through Kathleen Edelman’s resource I Said This You Heard That. We’ll apply our learning to our communication, relationships, teams, and influence. All within the context of life-giving community. Peer-coaching with ICC Alumni Staff and connections with Global Leaders from across our global community.

A few highlights include:

  • Personal development - particularly emotional, spiritual, relational
  • Spiritual practices for personal growth - experience a variety of spiritual practices used over centuries of spiritual formation
  • Life-giving Community - how to contribute to it through your unique giftings
  • Exploring our own temperaments through I Said This, You Heard That
  • Communicating with others by understanding their temperament
  • Genuine Cultural Communication - becoming curious and compassionate for those in physical community as well as those in our larger global community
  • Communication Coaching - learn to articulate your ideas in ways that are respectful and winsome for all audiences
  • Servant Leadership - practiced intra-team and inter-team
  • Personal leadership training - understanding your God-given strengths to lead yourself well as you prepare to lead others well.

Media PREP

Media PREP will experience all of this, while capturing and applying their learning through media, including graphic design, studio production, and A/V, supporting the ICC marketing team with media needs - all the while putting their new skills to practice on real media projects!

Shift 2.5: Lead Yourself

July 28-August 4

You are an example to the people around you, so it’s important to know how to lead yourself well. Leadership begins with you. Developing the essential tools to push yourself toward becoming extraordinary through intentional workshops with professional actors, presentation coaches, and this year’s Intern Stewards, Josh and Charis Boulden along with experienced ICC Alumni Staff. Participants will put all these skills into practice through our live/digital Communicate for a Change Program during this Summer Institute session.

A few highlights for this session include:

  • Life-giving Community - Why it matters. What it looks like. How to contribute to it.
  • Building on our insights about temperaments to connect well with others
  • Genuine Cultural Communication - Communicating for others; getting curious about their needs; learning how to invest our strengths for the benefit of a team; and learning what it’s like to be the receiver of our own communication
  • Presentation Coaching - create in-person and digital, personal and group presentations to take back to your chapter and your community
  • Professional Voice and Presence Coaching - level up all your presentations, for every message and audience, whether digital, in-person, or pre-produced
  • International Communicate for Change Program - design, prepare, present a program for an international online audience

Media PREP

Media PREP will experience all of this, while capturing and applying their learning through media, including graphic design, studio production, and A/V, supporting the International Communicate for a Change tech needs - all the while putting their new skills to practice on real media projects!

Shift 3: Lead Others

August 4-11

“Let your light shine before men” Matt 5:16. Reflecting on your leadership journey, and looking forward to what comes next. PREPers in this session will host the Intern Family Commissioning Weekend Experience, and the Annual Progressive Dinner attended by the Senior ICC Global Leadership Team members. This is an extravaganza of special programming and experiences to coordinate, prepare, and execute, while practicing servant leadership.

A few highlights for this session include:

  • Life-giving Community - experience contributing into and receiving value from life-giving community.
  • Gain tools for fostering life-giving community back home.
  • Genuine Cultural Communication - real time practice communicating across generations and cultures
  • Event planning - practice the logistics of designing experience for multiple events, with diverse purposes
  • Servant Leadership - on real teams, for real people, in real time. Learn: What is it really? How do we do it well?
  • Host ICC’s Annual Intern Family Commissioning Weekend
  • Plan and Host ICC’s Annual Progressive Dinner
  • Take home tools and insights for leading teams of emerging leaders

Media PREP

Media PREP will experience all of this, while capturing and applying their learning through media, including graphic design, studio production, and A/V, supporting the Family Commissioning and Progressive Dinner media needs - all the while putting their new skills to practice on real media projects!

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Meet the Staff

Charlotte Gunther
Summer Institute Coordinator and Summer Staff Liaison

Hello! My name is Charlotte Gunther. I am 20 years old and hail from Annapolis, Maryland. When I’m not contemplating how much sour cream I can put in my chili before it’s considered “too much”, I’m most likely creating something. From art to cross stitch to managing my stamp collection, if it involves working with my hands, I’m probably interested. I have been a part of ICC ever since I was 6 and have been on staff for 3 events. With all my experience in ICC, I have found that these skills aren’t just classes to take or a checklist to check off, but rather competencies I am always using and always improving. I’m pumped to work with ICC again this year and can’t wait to see you at the Training Center!

Abi Shepherd
Media PREP and Production Steward

Hey! My name is Abi Shepherd. I come from New Zealand and Singapore. I’ve spent about half my life in each country. Last year I served as an Ambassador for the Institute. I produced media for the 2019 Communicators for Christ international Conference Tour and 2020 IGNITE Winter Advance. I am currently serving as an alum with ICC, producing media and mentoring the Global Student Leader Media Team. I really love historical fiction, but I’ll take most books - if you’re offering any!I also really like tea...especially with a good book on the side. I look forward to connecting with you over this summer, and maybe finding out what your favourite books are...

Jonathan Ricks
Experience Steward

Heya heya! I’m Jonathan Ricks, a crazy 23 year old that’s fascinated by personality types, absurd random facts, and candy corn. Why candy corn? Because it’s a candy shaped like a pizza that’s named after a veggie. Maize aside, I’m going to have staffed 9 ICC events by the end of iCon, and I am so excited that I get to be with you for number 10! Hope to see you at the training center.

Lydia Bloomer
Intern Steward and Staff Liaison

Hey there, I’m Lydia! Along with my four younger siblings and a couple of cats, I live in Ohio. I’ve been in ICC for seven years, and last year, I had the amazing experience of being a part of the fall ambassador team. I am looking forward to supporting this year’s ambassador team, and being a part of the life-giving community in the Summer Institute!

Chloe Whitehead
Scheduling and Meals Steward

My name is Chloe Whitehead and I come from Michigan, the Great Lake state. I have been involved in the Institute for Cultural Communicators for thirteen years as a student, leader, and ambassador. Since serving as an ambassador for the Institute I have been studying music education at Eastern Michigan University and running my own private piano studio. I am thrilled to come back and serve in the Summer Insitute and come alongside all who come through as we learn about servant leadership!

Samuel Hoisington
Summer Staff Support

Oh hey there! I’m Samuel Hoisington, I am 19 years old and come from Virginia, a state where the weather can be extremely hot one week and pretty cold the next week. I enjoy all things leadership, computers, and Chick-fil-a, which also happens to be where I work! I could probably talk for hours about how much I love to work at Chick-Fil-A and my intense passion for games of all kinds. I have been in ICC for a full decade now and am just now starting my time as an alum. I will be helping out with the media side of the training center as well as the facilities and outside work. I look forward to see y'all at the training center and the fun times we will have there together.


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