2019 Summer Institute

PREP - Pursuing Responsibility with Excellence Purposefully


Make plans now to join us for the BEST SUMMER EVER at ICC's Summer Institute, held at our Tennessee Training Center. Programs are offered in both PREP and Media PREP. Space is limited. Make your reservations today. 

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Training Details

Our experienced Summer Staff leads activities and experiences in:

  • Lessons from First Century Christian Leaders
  • Team Building and Collaboration
  • Event Coordination and Planning
  • Servant Leadership Studies
  • Community Service
  • Peer Mentoring
  • Media
  • ICC's Core Values in Action
  • Intergenerational Programming and Planning
  • Stewardship
  • Project Management
  • Leadership through Service
  • Presentation Coaching
  • Communicate for a Change programme

Media PREP Leaders-in-Residence participate in all of this and receive additional specialized training in:

  • Studio Production
  • Audio/Visual Technique
  • Lighting
  • Editing
  • Work on real media projects
  • Graphic design
  • Powerpoint
  • Theory
  • Work with industry standard equipment and software
  • Learning to be professional while having a great time with your team!

Meet the Staff

Charlotte Gunther
Kitchen/Meals Steward and PREP Steward

Hello! My name is Charlotte Gunther. I am 19 years old and hail from Annapolis, Maryland. When I’m not contemplating how much sour cream I can put in my chili before it’s considered “too much”, I’m most likely creating something. From art to cross stitch to managing my stamp collection, if it involves working with my hands, I’m probably interested. As someone who has been a part of ICC ever since they were 6, you would think I have learned all there is to know about leadership, communication, and my influence on those around me. However, I have found that these skills aren’t just classes to take or a checklist to check off, but rather competencies I am always using and always improving.

Josh Krengel
Media Production Steward

Hello there, my name is Joshua Krengel. I live in Minnesota with my Mom, Dad, Sister and dog. We have pretty chilly winters in Minnesota in fact last year we hit a record cold at -38 c, Uff-da. When it's this cold I would recommend becoming a human burrito by wrapping yourself in as many blankets as you can find. We also have long winters in Minnesota lucky for me I enjoy snowboarding. When there isn't snow on the ground I enjoy biking as well as creating media, doing random creative projects, or playing some high quality video games with friends.

Jessica Shepherd
Administrative Support Steward

Hello! I'm Jessica Shepherd, an 18 year old enthusiast of music, small creatures, and meaningful connections. My time is often employed writing, speaking, singing, or playing my sadly out of tune piano, and spending time with the people close to me—though some live oceans away.In 2011 my family and I moved from a lifestyle block in New Zealand, to a very small and very warm country; Singapore; and have been involved with ICC since 2014. Through this community I have grown in so many areas of my life; from leadership training to self awareness; but most significantly, I've come to view my voice as a gift; something I can use powerfully to share my passions, ideas, and vision. I love that I can continue to build relationships and serve our community this summer.

Keri Wood
Media PREP Steward

Hey there, I’m Keri Wood! I’m 19 years old and while I’ve lived most of my life in New Jersey, I spent the last year in Ohio pursuing a double major in Astronomy and Physics from Case Western Reserve University. When I’m not in school, I enjoy reading, baking, theater, photography, and knitting the occasional sock. I have been a part of ICC for nearly six years, and I’m so excited to return as alumni staff. At the 2019 Summer Institute, I will be serving as the Media PREP Steward. I can’t wait to create and tell stories together through media this summer!

Miguel Carrion
Communication Steward and PREP Steward

Hello my name is Miguel. I’m 19 and I live in Ohio. I joined ICC in 2010, and have been part of a chapter ever since. My experience in ICC has helped me to come out of my shell, and leave it behind for good. I’ve used my training outside of the organization too, speaking at nursing homes, helping with my church’s children ministry, and ordering my own food at restaurants. Two things I take entirely too seriously are dance and art. I draw a lot, play a lot of video games, and I’m exceedingly good at both of them. I enjoy sports too, for example, I once caught a ball. On a more serious note, my skills include connecting to people and creating an inviting atmosphere. If you want to know more about me, I guess you’ll have to meet me in person ;)

Noah Cruce
Property and Transportation Steward

I'm Noah, a 21-year-old college student. I enjoy to learn all the way from cooking to random details from history, just don't have a test on them. I love being around friends and exploring new places with them, even though I don't get to do that too often. I have lived in the same house all my life in Georgia. I have recently graduated with an Associates degree in Marketing and will be studying Engineering in the fall. I've been a part of ICC since I was 11. In that time, I have done many roles in chapter, to being a part of global teams, and working in our Online Learning Academy. I have learned many leadership and team skills within ICC that I have already used in my brief life. It is the community that keeps me coming back to ICC.

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