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What Story Will They Tell?

“Our board would like you to come fix our Millennials.” The administrator of a small nonprofit was on the phone explaining that her organization established a “junior board of Millennials” as part of their succession plan. The Board of Directors, composed of Baby Boomers and Traditionalists, wanted these Millennials “fixed” to embrace the organization’s mission and operational strategy their way. The catch: board members didn’t want to invest their own time or resources in the fix. You can guess what happened. Every invested Millennial volunteer left that organization – and they left with a story.


Dr. Moon Is Not Stressed: A Radio Interview

The title’s a take byway of a recent blog from Dr Teresa Moon, “I’m Not Stressed”, who’s the founding President and CEO of the Institute for Cultural Communicators, and the good Doctor popped by our roaming studio – courtesy of CLA – to chat about how her organization equips youth to integrate lessons from both high-tech and high-touch learning environments for real- world application.


Peace in Pandemic

Our team of global leaders wants peace for you and for your family during this time of pandemic.

Even in a crisis like this, God makes His peace that passes all understanding available to us - and we want to share resources for you to not only empower yourselves to survive this time, but to thrive in the God's presence.


Mentoring the Next Generation for Innovation in Today’s Organization


Bring ICC to You!

Each year, the Institute for Cultural Communicators’ multigenerational and multicultural teams travel globally to empower communities like yours to help ordinary students become extraordinary leaders. You can host a gathering in your local region to empower students, parents, and educators to influence today’s culture for Christ.