What do parents and teachers do at CFC?

At our Communicators for Christ conferences, we begin with our commitment to prepare the next generation to communicate their ideas with confidence and compassion. Once we identify with Christ we are communicating for Christ. The question now is “what and how will we communicate?” We equip parents and teachers for this most important work.

5 Essentials for Success

The research is clear. There are five essentials for success in education and in life. And they aren’t what we were taught in school. Global studies into successful educational programs reveal a softer approach achieves hard results. We'll explore ways we can soften up to improve education and experience transformation for every student.

We use a multi-layered approach, integrating competence, character, and connection to develop not just one part of a student’s communication and leadership journey, but the whole person. Together we will explore tools to cultivate these vital components. You’ll leave with a plan for empowering the emerging communicators and leaders in your life.




Critical Thinking

Cultural Intelligence

Our Mission

To help ordinary students become extraordinary leaders.

We develop the whole person for their future by focusing on competence, character and connection.