ICC Vision

The vision of ICC is to build a global community empowering next generation Christians to influence today's culture. Since its beginnings in 1997, ICC has grown from an annual Communicators for Christ tour into an organization offering a variety of programs and resources designed to help Christian students and their parents, teachers, and coaches become ready for influence.


ICC Mission

The mission of ICC is to empower next generation Christians to be ready for influence.

We achieve our mission through:

Conferences: dynamic immersion experiences led by intergenerational teams

Chapters: next generation Christians receive mentoring and real-world experience in communicating, leading, collaborating, and serving in safe local communities

Curriculum: real preparation for real life, delivered through our tailored online Learning Management System

ICC Values

Transforming lives through Christ's love for God's glory.

The heart of ICC is experienced through our values. They make us who we are. Our values are tangible - they are the building block of our programs, teams, curriculum, and organization. Our values are:

- Transformation -

We embrace the power of God to follow His calling

- Community -

Connects people to each other and a common mission

- Mentoring -

Cultivates relationships that facilitate growth

- Cultural Communication -

Explores differences to gain understanding in order to effectivly communicate timeless truths

- Peacemaking -

Strengthens relationships to foster unity

- Innovation -

Promotes creativity & idea exploration in a safe environment

Statement of Faith

While we recognize that leadership and communication training is beneficial for everyone, there are a few distinctives that set our organization apart. In order to help us act as a community, united in mind, spirit, and purpose (Phil 2:2), we hold to a creed, a statement of the essential beliefs that we hold in common. This creed is not the sum total of everything each of us believes or practices. It does, however, delineate key features that bond us together as we work for united goals. 

ICC representatives subscribe to the Nicene Creed, a statement of faith embraced by all stripes of Christ-followers: Protestants, Roman Catholics, and Eastern Orthodox believers. The Creed was written in 325 AD, which is before the Roman Catholic Church was formed and before the ancient writings of Scripture were canonized into the Bible as we know it today. We have selected the most common English translation of the Creed. 

ICC is not a church. We are an organization of Christ followers joined by a common mission. We recognize that any words chosen to describe our faith have the potential to be both inclusive and exclusive. Our goal in selecting the Nicene Creed is to include fellow Christ followers.

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