Dear Fellow Christian Educators,

What if the quietest, most ordinary student in your classroom is actually called to the highest levels of leadership?

How will you provide practice and experience for him or her, training to lead and influence other students - and adults? We know from the story of David: the student you least suspect may be called to be a mighty leader.

The Institute for Cultural Communicators helps ordinary students become extraordinary leaders.

A little bit about me...

I’ve worked to support, equip, and encourage educators for nearly three decades.

  • established a private school in the early 90’s for Christian families in California which continues today
  • founded Communicators for Christ Conferences in 1998 to train Christian students to exercise and refine communication skills for the glory of the One who designed us to communicate
  • addressed educational-convention audiences throughout the United States during this time

Over the past 10 years, God has stirred in me a passion to empower a global community in a growing, international organization. While educating my own sons and equipping teachers in the U.S., I designed curriculum and training programs to deliver ongoing resources and coaching to families in their own communities -- and it has been a privilege to share these internationally.

The organization I founded, the Institute for Cultural Communicators, now has distributed communication and leadership curriculum in 20+ countries and hosts chapters and/or delegates in 7+ countries. As a mother, grandmother, and Christian educator, I am more devoted than ever to empowering next generation Christians to become people of influence in our culture - not someday, but TOday.

The stakes are high. Christians must empower the next generation well. And someone must empower teachers and administrators. I applaud the very important work you are doing and would count it a privilege to share what I have learned over the past 35 years with you.

Toward Transformation,


Dr. Teresa M. Moon
President | CEO
Institute for Cultural Communicators

Workshops for Learning Centre Faculty and Administrators

Workshops for Learning Centre faculty and administrators will draw from topics similar to those described below.

From Ordinary Student to Extraordinary Leader
What if the quietest, most ordinary student in your classroom is actually called to highest levels of leadership? How will you provide him or her practice and experience leading and influencing other students - and adults? We know from the story of David - the student you least suspect may be called to be a mighty leader. Discover ordinary steps toward extraordinary leadership. And learn seamless and easy coaching tips for busy teachers.   

Public Speaking: the Most Feared Activity (based on Dr. Teresa M. Moon’s award-winning curriculum Beginning Public Speaking)
Research tells us people are more afraid of speaking in public than of dying -- when at a funeral, most people would rather be in the casket than giving the eulogy. The real influencers for Christ’s kingdom are those who can articulate their ideas winsomely and well. Our students have important ideas to share and significant contributions to make. This workshop shares super-simple, user-friendly, no-experience-needed, easy-to-follow tools every teacher can use to coach communicators for Christ!

Leadership 4:12
Education alone is not preparing our kids for the real world. The challenges facing today's parents and teachers can be overwhelming, and the challenges our students face are frightening -- in the world and in the church. And Christians are not immune. We have hope, however -- and time-tested tools! There’s much to learn from Paul’s mentoring relationship with young Timothy. Explore simple steps to solve complex issues following Paul’s first century instructions for raising exemplary young leaders.    

Five Essentials for Success
The research is clear: there are five essentials for success in education and in the workplace. These five C’s appear in university studies, marketplace research, and missions training. Communication, collaboration, creativity, critical thinking, and cultural awareness have eclipsed mathematics and science as the most sought after competencies in emerging leaders. They are being integrated across educational programs in prep schools, home schools, and underground Christian co-ops in cultures hostile to Christianity. Learn how to integrate them into your learning centre’s educational programme as you prepare real students for the real world.

Communication Education: the First Step in Growing EXTRAordinary Leaders
Communication is not a one-and-done academic subject; it needs to be integrated across the curriculum. Communication is the glue that binds all areas of study together. Communication education draws out the purpose and the value of each academic discipline. Students who master communication skills are proven to excel in every other course of study. Discover simple steps for integrating communication education across the curriculum and growing extraordinary leaders in the process.   

Mentoring for Maturity
Imparting knowledge is simple: Study the material-- Take the test. But does it produce the maturity you desire? Are you satisfied to educate your children merely to test well? Most of us want more than that. Well-selected mentors are the key. Mentoring grows maturity from the schoolroom to the boardroom. You CAN find the mentors your child needs. If raising a mature Christian means more to you for than transcripts and test scores, let’s talk.

Confronting the Tech-Touch Challenge
We live in an increasingly high-tech world, yet we need high-touch experiences to live and grow as humans. The pull of technology is unavoidable and frightening. The best tools for education and evangelism hold great potential -- for learning but also for losing reality. It is possible to bring these worlds together; and dangerous when we don’t. Our students’ future depends in large part on their capacity for integrating these worlds well.  

Partnering with Parents
What is the role of the parent in a student’s success? How do we as educators develop powerful partnerships our students’ parents? The research is compelling:. the most successful students have the most invested parents. What would it mean for your Learning Centre to have parents partner in your mission? It’s possible! Let’s explore together tools for engaging parents as your greatest allies.  

Coaching with Success
You may not think of yourself as a public speaker, but, every day in class, you are coaching your students to communicate. Whether they have the gift of gab or appear painfully shy, our students must learn to communicate their ideas -- and their faith. YOU are, next to their parents, the best coach they have! Discover the complete guide to coaching and achieving success and explore tools for successfully coaching your young communicators.

Evaluating for Excellence (Based on Dr. Teresa M. Moon’s popular homeschool guide, Evaluating for Excellence)
How do you know they know what they know? You ALWAYS need to know exactly what your students know. Discover simple resources to guide your students from where they ARE in any subject, to where you want them to BE. Practical tools tested on thousands of students over 35 years help you diagnose, project, guide, and evaluate every aspect of your student’s education from Bible to biology as they grow in competence and character.

More Options

I routinely design workshops and seminars based on the needs of the organizations and audiences. If you have a need for something you don’t see here, but think it would benefit your faculty members, just ask. My research interests and educational expertise include the following topic areas.

Christian education - what makes an education distinctly Christian; how to integrate faith and education for real-world preparation

leadership - coaching leaders, followership, team dynamics, being a good team member

global education - tomorrow’s leaders, as well as today’s, lead in a global society. Our children will serve on intercultural teams and will need cultural awareness to succeed in the marketplace and in ministry.

communication education - public speaking, online communication, interpersonal communication, group communication

emotional intelligence - coaching our students in self-awareness to lead themselves and others well

storytelling - the most essential skill we teach and why the workplace and the church are desperately seeking it out

intergenerational issues - understanding generational trends and how they impact the way we educate, work, and worship today

mentoring - the significance of mentoring relationships in our lives and in our children’s lives and how we can guide them


ICC's unique approach to communication education is summarized in the below video:


“Every student and teacher needs this training. It’s practical and immediately usable for every classroom. These concepts transformed our school.”

- Patti, Christian school administrator, FL

“The most refreshing speaker I’ve heard in a long time. I could listen to her all day. I did!”

- Deb, homeschool parent, Singapore/Dubai

“I applied the concepts Dr. Moon teaches in my business and they transformed our employee culture. They really do work in the real world.”

- Dr. John McLean, physician, hospital owner, LA

“Teresa shares informed and well-researched insights with conviction and compassion.”

- Jen, homeschool parent, business owner, CA

“I attended Dr. Moon’s seminar reluctantly with a friend. In the first ten minutes I called my husband and told him this would transform our homeschool life. And it did!”

- Lisa, homeschool parent, GA

“Teresa Moon is a courageous warrior for the next generation.”

- Tami Heim, President/CEO, Christian Leadership Alliance

Peek Inside Our Online Classroom

Need some help getting your own student ready for the real world?

4:12 - where ordinary students are becoming EXTRAordinary leaders

Come learn from Dr. Teresa Moon and ICC’s intergenerational, international team of experienced coaches how we help ordinary students become extraordinary communicators and leaders.

27 - 28 September

Katong Presbyterian Church
42 Joo Chiat Lane Singapore 428102

5 - 6 October

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
First Baptist Church, Subang Jaya
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Speaking Reel & Recordings

Speaking Reel - Teresa Moon

A Royal Education - Teresa Moon
June 29, 2018 (28 min, international audience of Christian homeschooling parents and students, Nashville, TN)

What’s in Your Hand? - Teresa Moon
June 25, 2015 (24 min, national audience of homeschooling parents and students, Virginia Beach, VA)


Dr. Teresa Moon, President and CEO of the Institute for Cultural Communicators, has supported, equipped, and encouraged home educators for nearly three decades. In the early 90’s, she established a private school for Christian homeschooling families in CA which continues today. In 1998, she founded Communicators for Christ Conferences to train Christian homeschooled students to exercise and refine communication skills for the glory of the One who designed us to communicate. This grew into the Institute for Cultural Communicators which extends the same transformational training to families across the globe. Now Teresa is an internationally-recognized seminar speaker, education consultant, author, and leadership coach.

While educating her own sons and equipping other parents and teacher in the U.S., Dr. Moon designed curriculum and training programs to deliver ongoing resources and coaching to families in their own communities.  Through ICC, this curriculum has now been distributed to 20+ countries and supports chapters and/or delegates in 7+ countries.

Each year, Dr. Moon travels globally, leading educational conferences to train students, teachers, and parents to become “cultural communicators” who can impact culture through relevant communication and authentic leadership.  Teresa’s students have been invited to speak on tens of thousands of platforms to influence audiences for Christ - including the White House, Congress, the G8 Summit, the United Nations and churches, schools and heads of state in more than twenty nations.