IGNITE Winter Advance

January 17 - 21, 2019

Spring City, TN

IGNITE is a 4-day Leadership ADVANCE designed to build both communication and community. This event is open to anyone interested in growing in competence, character, and community. Those who are not yet members of an ICC chapter are welcome to join us at this exciting training event! There are labs and special events to fit the needs of both student and adult leaders.
Wednesday - Leader Dinner

We are not called to fix anyone. We are called as wise guides, side guides and surprise guides to create environments such that people grow, stretch and expand to be more than they thought possible. At the Leader Dinner we will be celebrating the leaders and mentors who create space for transformation in our extraordinary community.

Friday - Tournament
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All speaker ages 11-18 must register between December 1-10th.

Email Forensics@ICCinc.org for questions.

Saturday - Theme Party

You are a royal! This year’s theme party is Royalty Around the World. Come dressed up as your favorite royalty from around the globe. This includes anyone from any country, time in history or even fictional royalty! Royals are called to extraordinary. Noble men and women called to noble deeds. Mentors and leaders just like we are, born with a heritage to love and serve people. We will be celebrating diverse extraordinary cultures as we pursue a global community.

Sunday - Ladies Luncheon

Ladies, we are cooking up extraordinary! bring your favorite apron, and a recipe card with 6 ingredients or less to share as we experience the cooking we do to bring connection around the table. Cooking is a time for us to gather, share ideas and create extraordinary experiences as we serve as a hostess or as we find satisfaction as a guest. Join us for Cooking UP extraordinary at the Ladies Luncheon!

Sunday - Men's Muncheon

Are you ready for a PUNCHING GOOD TIME? Come to the Men’s Muncheon, Sunday, January 20th for a KNOCK OUT Event! What does boxing and extraordinary community have in common? Well. both have big dreams and someone in your corner all with noise and chaos! Don’t throw in the towel! Come in your best boxer’s outfit (not just in your boxers that’s inappropriate) or you can come as a ringside boxing fan or coach in the corner.

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