Josh Curry
Ohio, USA

Hello to all you wonderful people. My name is Josh and I’m from the state of Ohio. As the second child of six, I am ready to fit in where I need to. I have a passion for digital media and anything that allows me to use my creative freedom. You might find me reconfiguring my laptop with yet another operating system to play with, making art, music, or attempting the perfect speedrun in one of the platforming games I love. I have been a part of ICC since 2014, and I am looking forward to connecting with my amazing team and the students we meet all over the globe.

Olivia Dailey
Rhode Island, USA

Hey there! I’m Olivia Dailey from Rhode Island where I grew up speaking fluent English and Spanish. I’m always up for stimulating discussions about books, movies, theater, philosophy, and personality types. I love working on creative projects and listening to music! For years, I held back because of my insecurity and fear of public speaking, but God has used ICC to help me find the courage to pursue it and my love of acting. At an international ICC event, former interns showed me it was possible to move beyond my fears. This fall, I hope I can likewise create an inspirational experience for you.

Rae Eliason
California, USA

Hi, my name is Rae. I come from the Central Valley of California, only a short drive from both the beach and the mountains. I enjoy 4-wheeling, water-skiing, art, reading, and writing in cipher! I started attending ICC conferences when I was 5 years old. One of the most valuable experiences I’ve had in ICC is learning media skills, especially filming and editing. I even completed the requirements to receive the media certification! As an Ambassador for ICC, I look forward to growing in team-building skills and sharing what God is teaching me with those He allows me to influence.

Catherine Gunther
Maryland, USA

Hello, my name is Catherine Gunther! I live in Annapolis, Maryland where I can see the Naval Academy from my house. When I'm not doing schoolwork, I enjoy editing videos, creating art with vibrant colors, and playing the piano. I am the youngest of 9 children, and I have been a part of the Institute for Cultural Communicators’ global community for 12 years. Over the years, I have personally grown in expressing my own thoughts and feelings, as well as listening to and respecting the thoughts and feelings of others. I am eagerly anticipating being an Ambassador for a community that has given me so much.

Noah Moser
Louisiana, USA

Hello there! My name is Noah Moser, and I hail from Shreveport Louisiana’s South Highlands (that’s the top left corner of the boot if you’re looking at a map). My deep-rooted love for fantasy goes hand-in-hand with my joy for literature and blacksmithing. I get excited when people introduce me to new music - my favorite genres are Celtic folk and power metal. If you’re interested, I’d be happy to introduce you to some of my favorites. I’m excited to get to work helping young Christians gain the tools required to courageously share and defend the faith.

Luke Peyton
Maryland, USA

Hey! My name is Luke; I’m 18 years old and live just north of Baltimore, Maryland. While it may be a bit cliché, my favorite food is (hands-down) Maryland steamed crabs! I love playing music and connecting with friends through games and deep conversations. In my 8 years of ICC, I have served in the Mid-Atlantic Area Student Leader Team as well as the Global Student Leader Team. One of the most important things I’ve learned in ICC is the power of servant leadership and recognizing just how much influence each of us have for Christ! I can’t wait to share this with students around the world this Fall!

Kaleigh Power
Louisiana, USA

Hello there, ladies and gentlemen! My name is Kaleigh Power, and I am from the unique city of Shreveport, Louisiana where I once saw an alligator crossing the street just a couple blocks from my house. When I’m not studying or working, I like to be reading or writing. Words are enchanting to me, and I love to express my thoughts and feelings through writing. I also love playing music, listening to many different kinds of music, and writing music on the piano, ukulele and clarinet. I love being with people, having meaningful conversations with friends, and making people smile and laugh with corny jokes! I’ve been a part of ICC for almost six years, and in that time I have learned how to express my thoughts in a way that will positively influence others and help me create lasting connections and friendships.(Something very important to me) I look forward to helping other students do the same as I serve as an ICC ambassador.

Grace Wood
New Jersey, USA

Hey there! My name is Grace, but you can call me Gracie! I currently live in New Jersey with my very musical family: not only do I enjoy listening to music (classical, Broadway and 80’s pop), but I play the cello, piano, and ukulele. I’ve also had the opportunity to play and sing in all sorts of musical groups. I love being funny and crazy to brighten someone else's day. The Institute for Cultural Communicators helped me to realize that not only did God give me a voice, but He expects me to use it for His glory. To adapt the quote by Eric Liddell, “God made my mouth. And when I speak, I feel His pleasure.“

Michaela Young
Minnesota, USA

Hello! My name is Michaela Young, and I come from Minnesota. When I’m not studying, you’ll most likely find me crafting lattes as a barista, playing Ultimate Frisbee, practicing piano, or reading historical fiction. During my nine years in ICC, I developed a passion for storytelling and served on multiple student leadership teams in the organization. While attending one of my first international conferences, I was struck by the uplifting atmosphere and incredible intentionality of the ICC community - which is what keeps bringing me back year after year!