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From our President / CEO

I care about your family’s health and safety. Like you, our team is following the developing news around COVID-19 and the diverse responses to it by institutions, organizations, and governments. We’re innovating processes and events to prioritize your family’s health and safety during this unprecedented time in history. 

We care about your physical safety. We also care about your emotional, mental, intellectual, and relational health during this pandemic. If you’re reading this now, you’re likely facing some unique and unexpected challenges. Many of us find ourselves gathered at home concerned about keeping our children safe. Perhaps you are wondering what are some ways I can create an exciting and safe learning environment in my own home?  

That’s what we’ve been doing at ICC. For 23 years, our curriculum development team has been developing cutting-edge tools to prepare students for the real-world. You can start right now, in the safety of your own home.

We’re here to help. We can help you create environments that are emotionally healthy and take advantage of extraordinary opportunities. You can use this time of social distancing for your family’s greatest gains. This is the perfect time to gain real-world readiness skills with the whole family. We’ve developed some resources for you to use in order to do just that. Right now you can start with three FREE lessons from our Everyday Conversations e-course.

Endless research shows the #1 skill your student needs for success in their future is communication. What a perfect opportunity we have right now to build communication skills in a safe environment in a way that will strengthen your entire family.

For your health and safety,

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Everyday Conversations

This e-course is designed to equip your entire family with competence in communication that is essential for their success in school and in life. What a perfect time this is to practice coaching all the communicators in your home! The first 3 lessons are available as our gift to your family.

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Beginning Public Speaking

Our award-winning, super-simple, easy-to-use, no-experience-needed beginners curriculum designed for young or ESL students is a perfect way to get your family started in communication education. Here’s the first lesson for free for your family.

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