Society believes that youth of today are lacking in purpose, life skills, and self respect.

we help YOU get ready
we help YOU get THEM ready for influence

  Who Are We?

Our world changes quickly. Each one of our students will need communication skills to be successful in life and equipped to share their faith. They may not ever speak on a public platform, but they will communicate everywhere they go. The skills needed to communicate well don't just happen. They need to be developed.

The Institute for Cultural Communicators can help.

ICC has been helping families and students ​develop communication skills for more than 20 years. We offer in-person and online-learning opportunities. We specialize in coaching outstanding communicators, and caring mentors. We equip you to help your students develop competence in real-world skills, Christ-centered character, and the ability to connect. We help you prepare them to go out into the world whereever God is placing them. Our mentoring model fosters transformation in even the most reluctant students.


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