Choral Reading Contest 2014


Choral Reading Contest


2013 IGNITE Choral Reading Contest Winner!

FAQs and helps on Choral Reading here

Is your Chapter sending 3 or more representatives to IGNITE?

Together, you are qualified to compete in the Choral Reading Contest at the IGNITE 2014 Winter Retreat.

There are two parts to registering.

  1. Chapter Sponsors will need to pay for their Chapter participation online through the  IGNITE Registration. Cost is $50 per Chapter. Register in coach role and select Choral Reading Contest. 
  2. Chapter Sponsors will submit their Choral Reading Contest Form and confirm they have reviewed the Chapter’s Choral Reading Entry.


Contest Description:  While participating in the Choral Reading Contest, 3 or more student speakers from the same Chapter will work together to bring literature to life through oral expression and presentation.

Participation Qualifications:  The competing team must be composed of 3 or more speakers who are members in good standing from the same ICC Chapter.

Contest Rules:

  • Each Choral Reading entry must fit within the maximum time limit of 5 minutes.
  • During the presentation, each student must hold and read from a script. Optional: scripts may be in folders or binders.
  • All participants must remain in one location throughout their Choral Reading. No physical blocking or movement is allowed during the Choral Reading presentation.
  • No costumes or props allowed.

Contest Prize:
Full Tuition Scholarship for one Communications Student and one Coach or the equivalent amount to be distributed to Chapter members attending the 2014 National Convention. (Valued at over 500$)