Ignite 2014 Winter Retreat

IGNITE 2014 Winter Advance - Cedine Ministries, Spring City, TN 37381

 Dates: January 16 - 20, 2014


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Please visit our IGNITE FAQs for further information about housing, what to bring, what to wear and more! Not seeing your question answered there?? Email ignite@iccinc.org


Our special guest at IGNITE- Stacey Campbell

Having grown up on a farm in Missouri, Stacey escaped as soon as he could to explore the stable world of television and film production. After tiring of awards, spotlights, and red carpets, he joined a group of friends to start a church in north Denver that set out to use the arts to help people’s stories interact with God’s Story. Stacey’s heart for the church took him to Florida, then back to Colorado where he served as Executive Pastor for over a decade. A business owner, Stacey has helped launch and lead non-profits and consulted with organizations to increase profits, effectiveness, and impact. These pursuits enable him to live out his deepest passions in life - sharing stories with good friends; creating weird ideas - too big to pull off by himself; helping others be surprised by Jesus; and empowering people to be the best version of themselves that God designed. Stacey earned Bachelor of Arts degrees in Radio & Television and Film & Photography, and a Masters of Biblical Counseling. He is completing a Doctorate in Strategic Leadership with his forthcoming book calling Christians to cultivate restorative grace-filled cultures. He loves camping, hiking, good books, good films, stage acting. He especially enjoys bugging his wife and three teenagers - who he loves a lot. He has two dogs, a Boston Terrier and a Yellow Lab. The dogs know sign language. The kids don’t.